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Spiritual Words.

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  • Marksadek
    In whatever work we engage patience gives birth to courage, courage to commitment, commitment to perseverance, and perseverance to an increase in the work
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2003
      "In whatever work we engage patience gives birth to courage, courage to
      commitment, commitment to perseverance, and perseverance to an increase in the work
      done. Such additional labor quells the body's dissolute impulses and checks
      the desire for sensual indulgence. Thus checked, desire gives rise to spiritual
      longing, longing to love, love to aspiration, aspiration to ardor, ardor to
      self-galvanizing, self-galvanizing to assiduousness, assiduousness to prayer,
      and prayer to stillness. Stillness gives birth to contemplation, contemplation
      to spiritual knowledge, and knowledge to the apprehension of the mysteries.
      The consummation of the mysteries is theology, the fruit of theology is perfect
      love, of love humility, of humility dispassion, and of dispassion foresight,
      prophecy and foreknowledge. No one possesses the virtues perfectly in this
      life, nor does he cut off evil all at once. On the contrary, by small increases of
      virtue evil gradually ceases to exist."

                      St. Gregory of Sinai.


      "The Lord will not allow the righteous soul to famish, But He casts away the
      desire of the wicked." Proverb 10:3


      Prayer Requests:

      Please remember Daniel Anton in your prayers. He's 15 years old in critical
      Please remember Peter Demian in your prayers.
      Please remember in your prayers the 5 Coptic youth that have lost their lives
      in a car accident on their way to St. Anthony Monastery in California. Also,
      please remember those who were injured and the families in your prayers.
      Please remember me in your prayers.
      Please remember the following in your prayers:
      Nadya Billatos - She is currently in a full coma and is on life support.
      Amira Rizk - Hip replacement surgery on the 18th of June.
      Esther - Intestinal problems
      Nick Sarris - Will be undergoing a serious and complicated surgery for cancer
      this Friday, May 2nd. Nick is scheduled to start chemotherapy and radiation
      treatments over the next 6 months.
      Fr. Augustine - Cancer in his leg and may need to have an amputation. God has
      allowed Father Augustine a successful operation without the need for
      Sue S. - Advanced Cancer
      Duff H.- Infection. He has recovered :)
      Mina Aziz - Cancer
      Helen P. - severe depression and diabetes.
      Pamela P. - chronic depression and financial difficulties.
      Caroline Kamal and her family - Caroline recently lost her father.
      Shafika Guirgis - kidney failure
      Mary Beth - Obesity & Diabetes
      Jean Dallin - Neurological back problems
      Therese - Emotional problems
      Ryan - Behavioral problems. Little Ryan is possibly going back into
      mainstream school.
      Reggie - Cancer
      Detra - Stress related health problems
      Walter Jr. - Cancer. Walter is doing well with the chemotherapy and radiation
      Walter Sr. - Depression.
      Denise I. - Breast Cancer.
      Barbara - Depression & legal & financial problems.
      Helen - Multiple health problems & depression.
      Please remember the family of Hakim Shahata in your prayers.
      Please pray for Madeline who has metastatic breast cancer.
      Please pray for Cuba Plain who has cancer that is high up in the breast. She
      is a mother of 3, ages 15, 12, and 7.
      Please pray for Gabrielle Brewer who is pregnant with a potentially serious,
      life-threatening illness for the developing baby.
      Please remember Jessica in your prayers. Jessica is 15 years old suffering
      from brain cancer.
      Please remember Daniel who is 14 years old and has cancer in your prayers.
      Daniel is in a serious condition and is getting very weak. He is the only child
      to his parents. Because of your prayers, Daniel is responding well to his
      medication and is getting better both physically and psychologically. Please
      continue to pray for him and his family as they lost his mother unexpectedly.
      Please remember Suzanne Hanna in your prayers.
      Please remember Shwaki Ghobrial in your prayers.
      Please remember Zouhair Macktaby in your prayers. Zouhair is suffering from
      stomach cancer.
      Please remember Hanan Shawki in your prayers. Hanan has a brain tumor and she
      is a mother of two young Kids. Because of your prayers, Hanan is doing much
      Please remember Magdy Wadi in your prayers. Magdy has a brain tumor.
      Please remember John Rittel in your prayers. John has cancer of the lymph
      node and voice box.
      Please remember Ibtesam Hweamel in your prayers.
      Please remember our brother John in your prayers. John had a brain tumor
      removed recently. He is a young servant with 4 young kids. John is getting better.
      Please pray for Eugene Boulis, for completion of immigration procedures and
      securing a job.
      Please remember Fadia Morgan and her family in your prayers.
      Please remember Atef and his family in your prayers.
      Please pray for the unemployed to find jobs.

      Please pray for the peace of the world.

      "casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7
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