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Re: Case filed against two Methran Kakshi priests for malpractices

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  • Thomas Issac
    Sub: News on the case filed against Fr. M O John of Kottayam Seminary who is the cheif editor of Malankara Deepam, for reprinting an IOC magazine ( Orthodox
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13 10:28 PM
      Sub: News on the case filed against Fr. M O John of Kottayam Seminary
      who is the cheif editor of Malankara Deepam, for reprinting an IOC
      magazine ('Orthodox Rock'of New York IOC) without the knowledge of
      its ownersSource:-

      The above said news is once again exposing the intensity of infighting in
      IOC. It is only to divert attention from these sort of problems Thomas P
      (through forums), Mannaraprayil Achen (through TV channels) etc. are
      raising unrealistic allegations against the Jacobites all along.

      Only a week before there came reports that priests and laity of IOC staged
      a protest march infront of their catholicose and others against the proposed
      diocesan division. This news had then created much havoc. Though Manorama
      then tried to hide this news to avoid harassment for their group it naturally
      get exposed as there were many other newspapers in this country. The latest
      report that a case has been filed in Mavelikara Court against Fr. M O John of
      Malankara Deepam fame, who is a strong aspirant to bishops’ post and a teacher
      of Kottayam seminary, give an opportunity to know more about the cruel methods
      adopted by IOC all through.

      For many years this so called priest M O John was trying all sorts of dirty
      tricks to malign the Jacobite Church, our Catholica Bava, bishops and others.
      All along we were saying that he is a great fraud, but no one heard then. It
      is with the money he has collected through many sources that he is still
      publishing Malankara deepam. Many had wondered how he could post the magazine
      to all the priests of the Jacobites and many individuals free of cost. This
      he was doing with two aims. One of his aims was to destroy the Jacobite Church
      and another was to occupy a bishops’ seat in IOC.

      But now members of IOC itself realized how dangerous this M O John is, the
      filing of cases against this preist by IOC members is a result of this. It
      is really embracing for not only the IOC but for all the Christians that
      Fr. M O John still considers himself as a bishop candidate even now. This
      is what is to be understod from the expalantion given by him against the
      report published in Mangalam last day. Here even dared to claim that his
      rivals in the Church are trying to destroy him as he is supposed to be a
      bishop-designate. What a pity that this Fr.M O John is still continuing in
      IOC seminary as a teacher even after he stated allegation against its
      principal Fr. K M George and others. According to the june issue of ‘Orthodox
      Rock’, (the edition alleged to be printed by M O John, Fr. Gabriel and one Aby,
      without the knowledge of New York St.Peter’s and St.Paul’s IO Church), the
      principal and others of Kottayam Old Seminary has done a big manipulation in
      the fund used for constructing a ‘samuchayam’ which runs into crores recently.
      It also published many other news about the very bad state of seminary and
      general unrest in the Church which no one except the insiders of IOC knew.

      Though at present Fr. M O John appears to be the target of all for exposing a
      tip of the problems in IOC and seminary, the actual target is said to be some
      others and some other issues.

      Anyhow it is also to be looked into through another view, after all the present
      allegation against Fr. M O John of Kottayam seminary is the aftermath of his
      own wrong doings. He is continuing with a third rate periodical like Deepam to
      achieve his dreams. But at the same time he cannot be avoided all together as
      he has a huge cash resources with him which he collected from foreign
      countries. It is with this he is influencing all. Though last time he failed to
      garner reqd. vote in the bishops election, he at present was of the opinion
      that he is in a comfortable position. But it is this expectation that has been
      shattered, atleast temporarily, through the latest case filed against him in
      Mavelikara court. But since the group under the leadership of Thomas Athanasios
      of Chengannoor is very active, there is a possibility that anything can happen
      at any time. He on the other side too is said to be working hard to bring new
      bishops of his choice through the proposed diocesan division to achieve His
      Goals. There are also reports spreading that a section is pressurizing for an
      early retirement of the Catholica Mathews II Bava. The reports about
      infighting in IOC, published by Fr M O John through Malankara Deepam and
      indirectly through ‘Orthodox Rock’ of New York Church and the retaliatory move
      to these are all to be viewed in this context.

      T. Issac
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