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Be funny not false.

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  • V Thomas
    Dear Sir, When Salman Rushdie wrote Stanic Verses,mullahs wanted to kill him .They cried out that he said things aginst God. But rest the logical world
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      Dear Sir,
      When Salman Rushdie wrote Stanic Verses,mullahs wanted to kill him .They
      cried out that he said things aginst God.
      But rest the logical world thought ,if God is angry he should punish
      Salaman.When I wrote few truths about
      Orthodox leadership you cried 'foul like Mullahs.
      You called me' ignorant layman.'(Are you a priest?)Then said it is' quite
      funny.'Then said' funny guy.
      Truth hurts the wrongdoers.This is what happened when John the Baptist
      called out truths.They said it is funny
      and tried to kill him.But no one said it is false.Being false or funny
      which more acceptable.?
      I want to tell the whole world the Indian orthodox empire is built on false
      hood.They always talk of peace and but try to hurt Jacobite
      group.They say one thing to Supreme court and do the opposite outside.(This
      is contempt of court even).But for wordly matters it is asfe escape.
      Jesus refers to the samrt younger son of a man who agrees to the father
      that he will go to the field but nicely escapes not doing it..
      (Succesful man as per world standard,.but not to God.)
      Further we know about deciet and false hood.Few instances are listed
      1.there was a Malankara Metroplotitan ,a saintly bishop, Paulose Mor
      Kurilose who was expelled from Pazhayaseminary and took refuge
      in Panambady St Marys church.The Orthodox leadership tried to kill him
      sending" Anapappy "a notorius Rowdy.But God took care of Anapaappy the same
      (If some you want to Know more ,please ask. Since I always pray to this
      saint for intercession and he has done itin the past .This is witness.!)
      2.Ougen catholicose in his younger days,(He was fully familiar with the
      syria)with the support of Maman mappilay, hatched a coup aganist
      Partiarch,by discovering there is dethroned partiarch with whose help
      established the catholicate in 1912.Was it not falsehood.?
      3.The letter given to Partiarch in 1958 during his peace initiative was
      later replaced and forged by the orthodox leadership.
      4.Introduced the Throne of St.Thomas and started rewritting history.
      There are so many intaces,like this. I have listed few.
      You said that all problems are to the desire of one bishop to become
      catholicose.It is wrong, We all want him to become the Mapriana of East.God
      willing ,one day, His garce will be.
      You said that Patriarch is crying for peace(May beto tempt the Jacobite
      group).But it is true.He is a Nalla edayan.He care for the sheep.Where as
      Orthox catholicose,is playing a wolf among the sheep.He wants all
      churches,under him.At any cost.! Let people go to hell!
      I wish him good.He may be succesful.But pary God,this Ignorant ,funny lot is
      no match for him, his powerful groupand the media,he has. Please save
      us.Help us and protect us in this difficult days.!!!
      We want only His grace.
      With all respect ,for dooley achen.,spare us.

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