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My Creed!

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  • V Thomas
    Dear Sir, Why your catholicose is superior than your other bishops? Is correct to differentiate Them with HH and HG ? Priest hood is given to all, by the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2003
      Dear Sir,

      Why your catholicose is superior than your other bishops? Is correct to
      differentiate Them with HH and HG ? Priest hood is given to all, by the
      apostles, as we sing In the church. (Nana jathivibhavngal keki"). If that
      is correct a bishop,laymen And priests are same!.Is'nt it?

      I believe Peter was head of the disciples, as appointed by Jesus before
      departing from earth.

      I believe that St Thomas is the apostle who converted the major bulk of Jews
      and few natives Who were our forefathers .Our history says he has appointed
      priests not bishops.

      I would like to quote from VCS,itself.

      "there is no evidence that the Indian church sought to have or had bishops
      from its own Indian Membership. Even when this Christian community had a
      metropolitan with suffergans Assisting him,it had no Indian bishops'(Indian
      Church and Autonomy-Article by Rev.V.C.Samuel)

      Orginally, there was no bishops and separate priests,in the Christian
      churches.(as seen in bible).Only believers and later elders and then came

      I believe that from the very beginning we are under the Syrian rites.
      Antioch was the seat of Christians from the beginning.

      Do you atleast agree with Canai Thoma and his group coming down.?
      That is way back and your claim of only 300 years relation only is wrong..
      Our Patriarchs due to political reasons would have lost the power and

      Even then till 3 rd Synod they were rated 3 rd in order. For you Pope HH
      Senoda Is greater .It is like that for some!! But for us they are still the
      Patriarchs. Head of our church (Princes)

      I believe number does not matter and as it is said on you right side
      Thousands and on the left side, there may be ten thousands. Since, Catholics
      in Kerala (even on earth) are more in number will you accept your catholicose.
      Is inferior to Their Pope ?So also if Jacobites are less in number do not
      belittle HH.

      I believe through Jesus any one can achieve Heaven and our church Is path
      towards Jesus and salvation for us. Our services and Qurbana truly are Holy.

      But the Kingdom of heaven is free gift from God.We can not dictate who
      Are eligible and who are not.It is God who decides,only we have to pray
      To include us also.Whom we think great may not be in Gods recokening!

      Calling us Jacobite is OK.We were called Nazarenes earlier.that is nick name.

      Dear Thomas, What ever you shout from the top of hills You cannot change your
      history. You are free to stay under Kottayam catholicose.But remember Your
      constitution also recognize Patriarch as Head.

      Love and prayers

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      From: Thomas PA
      Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2003 9:49 PM
      To: vthomas
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      Dear V.M Thomas, I have few questions and am willing to
      accept reasonable answers, setting aside any ego.

      Do you believe that Apostle Thomas has equal power and
      authority as Apostle Peter?

      Do you believe that all priesthood is from Christ?

      Do you believe that St. Thomas was the first Apostle
      of the East who ordained bishops in the East?

      In 1958, the Orthodox and Jacobites united under one
      constitution. Then Catholicose accepted the Patriarch
      by sending a letter, which explicitly mentioned
      acceptance on the basis of const. of 1934. In this
      const. our church is called "Orthodox Syrian church of
      the East", described as founded by St. Thomas.

      Do you accept this ancient name "Church of the East"
      and ancient tradition of Eastern Christians (both
      Persians and Indians)?

      Our fathers rejected the name "Jacobite" and
      considered it a incorrect to call a church by name of
      only one saint (St. Jacob who received ordination from
      Alexandria). Yet, why you officially accept the name
      "Jacobite". Do you accept that the approach of your
      bishops conforms to ancient fathers?

      Kindly answer my questions. I want to learn the
      Jacobite position and accept reasonable explanations.

      Thomas P
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