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  • Thomas Issac
    To Mr.Dooley1112, After reading your letter regarding the latest stand about the Jacobite Syrian Church, we think there is some necessity to reproduce our
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 26, 2002

      To   Mr.Dooley1112,

      After reading your letter regarding the latest stand about the Jacobite Syrian Church, we think there is some necessity to reproduce our view in this issue. Already an article in Malayalam written by one Priest in Atmadeepam about this very matter is published in Malankara Voice(Refer Page 4 of this article, it will give an idea about the whole matter).  A detailed clarification in English will be published soon.


      In 1970’s the Methran kakshi under the leadership of the then Catholicose claimed there are 1064 churches with them.    We objected then saying that the Methran kakshi had included many small chapels only to equalise the big churches of Jacobites and thereby to get an absolute majority.  The court accepted this argument and ordered for proportional representation.  We also said that the Methran Kakshi had included many churches, which are directly under the Patriarch & are outside the purview of Malankara Association. The Supreme Court accepted this fact also.  But still the Catholicose send kalpana’s to these churches.  If he was such a peace loving & truthful person, why did he do this ?  He could have obeyed the Supreme Court verdict.  We are giving petitions against these types of malpractices.


      Now again in 2002 the Methran kakshi leadership is adding more churches with voting right in the upcoming Malankara Association election, only to get an absolute majority.  This is for, what people call ‘Manipulation’.  If this group are so sure of a majority then why did they include even small chapels of their group, which have a membership of less than 30?   A famous ayurveda business group has 3 family churches with a membership of less than 20 each.  Each one is participating as separate churches. There is a church at Ettumanoor with a membership of less than 10 families.  There are many other examples also. The saddest thing is that these small congregations, designated as independent churches by the Methran kakshi, can also send representatives to the association.  Is that fair ?  Is that because of Godly intervention ?  We are fighting against these types of malpractices and only because of that had we filed petitions. For that in India, only Court can take a decision.  If Methran kakshi’s were in our position, will they accept this manipulation without any objection?  I don’t think so.  Remember, Methran kakshi too had gone to court after its defeat in the High Court in April 2001. 


      We agreed to fully cooperate with the latest Supreme Court verdict regarding the Association election, thinking that the Catholiocse will be fair this time.  But from the day one, the Catholicose was trying to manipulate the court judgment.  May be he is doing this under the influence of his cunning followers.   That’s another thing.  Anyhow, first he included the designation as Malankara Metropolitan, against the request of the court.  Then he send notices to Simhasana Churches, Paurasthya Suvisesha Samajam churches, St. Antony’s missionary churches etc., all of which are outside the preview of Malankara Association as per the Supreme Court judgment of 1995.  To balance these churches from the Jacobite side, the Catholicose included many many small chapels from his side, so that his group will surely get an absolute majority through backdoors.  Thus by defeating the Jacobites in the election, the Methran Kakshi can claim the possession of even the churches that are under the direct administration of Patriarch.  If the Catholiocse was such a nice person, why he is doing this ?  Was that under compulsion from some evil forces ?  To avoid these forces, the first thing the Catholicose must do is to openly distance himself from these crooked fellows who are dividing the Church for personal gains.


      Again it is an accepted fact that, it is only the Catholicose position that is accepted by the Court.  The Supreme Court had earlier declared that, there is no managing committee or any other committees existing, since the court considered 1971 as the cut off date. Accordingly the court had earlier mentioned that, any actions taken by both factions after 1-1-1971 is subject to the decision of the MANAGING COMMITTEE  TO BE ELECTED.  But still as per the latest notices of Catholicose, he included only the so-called Methran Kakshi committee members with a voting right for them, in the election process.  If he was so straightforward, in order to avoid any such disputes he could have, either included committee members from both the factions or avoid both.  But instead, only the Methran Kakshi committeee members are included with a voting right for each one.   So can any rightful person claim the actions of the Catholicose as fair ?  Only because of these reasons we have raised objection.


      Still you criticize us for ‘POSTPONING PEACE by filing various complaints’.   Actually the Methran Kakshi is getting upper hand only because of media & money power.  That is an accepted fact here in Kerala.  Look, we too are thirsting for peace, but not the ‘peace by force’.  If that happens the rightful persons will understand who are satanic forces.


      But above all these, if the present day Methran Kakshi leadership can accept the same history, faith, Canon etc taught & upheld by Parumala Thirumeni, then all the problems in this Malankara Church will end within a moment.  So let us all pray for this.

      Malankara Voice


        dooley1112 <DOOLEY1112@...> wrote:

      It is so sad to see our ignorant lay people talk nonsense about our
      Church fathers. One person suggests that the Catholicose is acting
      out Satan's ideas...HAVE YOU NO SHAME? Do you people think before you
      write? Look at all the cases we have set up! Both parties agreed to
      the recent Supreme Court verdict. Now we all act dazed and confused
      acting as if we never did. Look in the Malankara Voice. WE ARE
      POSTPONING PEACE by filing various complaints and cases. I am so
      happy to see our leaders and lay people are in this for merely money,
      power, and fame. Yet we speak about the peace of Christ? How
      hypocritical we all are!!!

      Does anyone See our children leaving to the Catholic Church,
      Marthomite Church, or Pentecostal Church? Why are they leaving?
      Because they seek Christ not pathetic politics.

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