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Where are we? What is our direction?

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  • Jacob Varghese
    SOCM -FORUM members- Where are we? What is our direction? What is our Church trying to achieve-its mission? It has been around for two thousand years, but
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2003
      SOCM -FORUM members-

      Where are we? What is our direction? What is our Church trying to
      achieve-its mission? It has been around for two thousand years, but are we
      poised to be around for two thousand more? I have read post after post in
      this forum from people who's intent is not to educate but to belittle and
      prove their own intellectual prowess.

      I find this activity unproductive and creating an even greater rift between
      our churches.

      There are many in this forum that try to misinform the public. I thank God
      we have such men as our Moleeyal Achen, and others who take time out of
      their busy day to educate the public so that more do not stray away.

      If you notice our beloved Mooleyal Achen's postings you can discern a much
      different tone in his diction. It is not accusatory, but more nurturing and
      loving-as a Christians should be when dealing with situations such as this.

      I would ask that all who would post in this forum try to maintain that same
      loving Christian air with their posting.

      To answer my questions that I asked at the top of my posting:

      Where are we?

      We are at a crucial juncture in our churches long and fabled history. The
      decisions and moves we make can either destroy this church to the joy of
      many--or strengthen our church to the Glory of God.

      What is our direction?

      This I cannot answer. I do not know. I know what my direction is. I am a
      24 year old malayalee syrian orthodox christian who resides in the USA. My
      church has enacted many programs to educate the youth, the young adults, and
      the adults on our church history as well as many programs to spiritually
      uplift our people. I feel that my church is a paradigm for our archdiocese
      and perhaps our universal church. But we need to get all of our churches
      world wide to our level. My church, w/ all the great things that it has to
      offer still is not perfect.

      It is up to our leadership to set our direction. We need a vision for our
      church for the next twenty-years. It needs to be publicized so that our
      people will know where we are going and not lose faith because we have a
      roadmap for the future. This though a tough task, is one that must be done
      or I fear that our two thousand year history will end up something that only
      historical scholars have any idea about.

      I believe that our Bava, our thirumenis, and our achens are capable of
      putting forth this 'vision statement'. I have faith that God will bless
      them and that they will continue to guide us through this current mess and
      give them a strong vision for our future.

      What is our Church trying to achieve-its mission?

      Again, I don't know. Know one has ever articulated that to me. It seems
      that our church's main mission from all of the postings is to preserve the
      faith. But I believe Christ commanded us to do more than that. We need to
      write down a mission statement for our church. Whether it be to spread the
      gospel, to develop our current members, to affect our communities, etc. So
      many of us do not know. We just come to Church socialize, partake in our
      share of the politics and go home. What have we truly done?

      Someone touched on it in the earlier post, the diaspora of our people into
      many different lands have caused them to attend other churches for their
      spiritual fulfillment. Why are we not growing to meet our peoples needs? We
      have our youth who are falling prey to sex, drugs, and alcohol---why are we
      not growing to meet their needs? Divorce in our community--which a
      generation ago was unheard of- is moving into the mainstream. Are we as a
      church able to cope with this?

      Though we have two thousand years of history, a great liturgy and very
      strong faithful we need to rise to the challenges of this century otherwise
      as I said only historical scholars will remember our once great church.

      In God's love, I pray for all of you--please pray for me as well.

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