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    ABUN DBASH-MA-YO/ OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN (our father who art/is in heaven) God created Man in his image and likeness. We sinned. So we lost the likeness and were
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      ABUN DBASH-MA-YO/ OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN (our father who art/is in

      God created Man in his image and likeness. We sinned. So we lost the likeness and were placed in this earth from the garden. In the garden we were able to walk with God and had communion with God. Now we can only see God sitting inside a cave in a ROCK, (Jesus Christ).
      (1 kings 19:13). Hence Jesus told Thomas apostle, Nobody comes to the Father except through me�. So; the only way of communion with God the Father is through Jesus Christ.

      Until Jesus addressed almighty God as "Father", God was addressed as JHVH. It means "I am that I am," (He that He is) or "I am the one who is". The name was held so sacred that it was never written or spoken. This name "JEHOVAH" was held by the Jews to be so sacred that it was never pronounced except by the high priest on the great Day of Atonement, when he entered into the most holy place. Whenever this name occurred in the sacred books they pronounced it, as they still do, "Adonai" (i.e., Lord),thus using another word instead. When
      they write, they use JHVH (without vowels) out of reverence. They just say Hashem� which means The Name� for God the Father, in a conversation or even in prayers.

      What did Jesus do?

      God blessed Abraham and made a covenant. God signed it, passing through the split carcasses of animals and birds as a burning torch and a smoking pot (Gen 15:1).

      Why split animals in a contract at the time of Abraham?

      It means that both parties are agreeing that if one breaks the contract, then my fate be the fate of the animals that are split. Man sinned. Man earned death. Jesus; the Son of God became Son of Man. Being the FIRST BORN of Mary, we all became His little brothers,
      children of the most High (God the Father); co-heirs of the kingdom. So, we call ever-virgin Mary MOTHER�. In the concluding prayers of baptism we call the baptized the brother of Jesus Christ; in the prayer of removal of the crown at baptism. [For this reason Jesus on the cross tells John (the one Jesus loved) This is your Mother�. So, Mary is called the second EVE, the mother of all believers(all people Jesus loved)] So, He filled our side of the Abrahamic covenant on the cross. He took our iniquities in to Himself and became a curse for us. Thus, He reconciled man with God. He even took the crown of thorns as thorns are a result of the curse received by Adam's sin. (Gen 3:18) He gave us the right to call upon Almighty God, Our Father. This make us different and unique; the privilege of son-ship with God and
      brotherhood with Jesus Our Lord. We call God the Father:- APPA, DADDY, PAPPA,ABO, ABBA, PITHAJI and so on, just because of Jesus Christ. Christianity is the only one belief system on earth that address their god as Father�

      Why not MY Father instead of OUR� father?

      Because, He died for all of humanity. Dn. Stephen calls God at the time of his death OUR Lord� in the Syriac Bible.(Kaniyamparambil achen translation).

      Dn. Monsy Manimalethu Jacob
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