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"Koduthal Kollathum Kittum"

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  • Varkey T.A.
    The above Malayalam adage is very apt in the case of Tenny Joppan , Jikku mon and Thomas Kuruvilla , Kerala CM s mind-keepers .  One year ago, they tried
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2013
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      The above Malayalam adage is very apt in the case of "Tenny Joppan", "Jikku mon" and "Thomas Kuruvilla", Kerala CM's 'mind-keepers'.  One year ago, they tried their level best to intimidate the Jacobite Church in various means.  Let it be Police brutality, Revenue Officers and District Collector's brutality, we can see the hands of these IOC'eans behind the scene.  However, those who tried to persecute the Holy Church, are now either behind the bars or at sitting at home (Chorium Kuthi!!").  The church hierarchy should press hard to get investigated their hands in the atrocities against the Church.  As Jesus said " Vaal eduthavan ellam valale"!!!!  May God save His Holy Church.

      Varkey Titus
      Id # 1025 
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