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Malankara World Journal Special on The Bible - Issue 146 (June 6, 2013)

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  • Jacob Mathew
    The Malankara World Journal Special on The Bible - Issue 146 (June 6, 2013) is available online at: http://www.MalankaraWorld.com/Newsletter/MWJ_146.htm *TABLE
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      The Malankara World Journal Special on The Bible - Issue 146 (June 6,
      2013) is available online at:


      *TABLE OF CONTENTS Issue No: 146*
      *Special: The Bible*

      1. Foreword: Introduction to The Bible

      For the Christian of true worship, the Bible is the "greatest source of
      truth, virtue, and moral ethics. It is invaluable as a source of
      teaching doctrine and holiness. We call it the "Book of Life," for in
      its pages we find the closest expression we have of the Inexpressible. ...


      2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (June 9)

      Third Sunday after Pentecost

      3. Sermons for This Sunday (June 9)

      Sermons for the Third Sunday After Pentecost

      4. Featured: Manna and the Eucharist

      "I am the bread of life", Jesus claims. It was a truly a difficult
      moment for the Jews for they were supposedly very familiar with Jesus'
      background. They simply found him too much, too overwhelming. We too can
      find such a claim difficult to believe. But with constant reflection,
      openness of heart and mind, as well as faith, such a profound truth may
      be perceived and accepted. ...


      5. Inspiration for Today: Jesus Is The Whole Gospel

      Jesus Christ is not only the center of the gospel but the whole gospel.
      The four evangelists never focus on another personality. Fringe people
      stay on the fringe, marginal men remain on the periphery. No one else is
      allowed to take center stage. Various individuals are introduced only to
      interrogate, respond, or react to Jesus. ...

      6. Jesus Through the Bible

      From Genesis to Malachi, the Old Testament is all about Jesus. But of
      course it is in the New Testament that Jesus actually comes to save His
      people. Whereas the Old Testament gives us His background, the New
      Testament presents His biography. ...

      7. The Bible Is Not about You

      In the Bible we are watching as redemption comes to pass on the pages of
      Scripture, one unbelievable event after another, eventually leading to
      Christ. Each page rumbles with anticipation. When you see it from here,
      the Bible opens up in ways you've never imagined. It takes off. ...

      8. Your Bible: A Living Treasure, Part 1

      I want you to learn how to study your Bible - how to make it burst
      aflame in your hand. Knowledge is power. That's true in any realm,
      business, athletics, or theology, for knowledge of truth transforms. We
      need to be molded, motivated, and managed by the Word of God. ...

      9. Your Bible: A Living Treasure, Part 2

      When you read the Bible, you find phrases like "the Word of the Lord,"
      "the Word of God," or "the Lord said" used 3,808 times. If the Bible is
      not the Word of God, it's the biggest bundle of lies ever unleashed on
      planet Earth. The Bible is truth, absolutely. Let's look at other
      virtues of the Bible which set it apart, for if you don't appreciate the
      virtues of the Word of God, you won't have any desire to understand it. ...

      10. Your Bible: A Living Treasure, Part 3

      In the first two parts of this study, we saw the Bible as a timeless,
      truthful, treasured book, a living book because the Creator of the
      universe literally breathed out the Word of God. We saw that it must be
      assimilated - taken into your mind, understood, and provided as
      nourishment for your soul and spirit. How do you do that? First by
      praying, asking God to be your teacher, then by meditating. ...

      11. One of the Most Important Principles in Reading the Bible

      Bible is full of conditions we must meet for God's blessings. But God
      does not leave us to meet them on our own. The first and decisive work
      before and in our willing is God's prior grace. Without this insight,
      hundreds of conditional statements in the Bible will lead us astray. ...

      12. 7 Ways to Make Bible Reading Fun

      The Bible intimidates many people; even those who are avid readers of
      other books. .. We need to figure out how to enjoy reading God's Word.
      Part of maturing as a believer is to fall in love with the Bible. ...

      13. The Nourishing Bread of Scripture

      Patristic exegesis might be described as a "real" reading of Scripture,
      as contrasted with a literary or positivist approach. The main object of
      the Fathers was to penetrate beyond the signs, the words, to the reality
      signified, even to the mystery of Christ and God. They were aware they
      could reach this mystery only through faith in Christ and obedience to
      his word. ...

      14. Family Special: Keep Going Strong

      A testimonial of how spending time together in prayer and God's Word has
      helped save a troubled marriage. ...


      15. Health: The Greatest Cancer Fighter

      There's sound evidence that the holy grail of cancer fighting is not a
      drug. The most powerful cancer fighter ever discovered is naturally
      occurring vitamin D. ...

      16. Recipe: Double Orange Carrots

      17. Teachers and Tornadoes

      Every day we are surrounded by examples of the dark side of human nature
      - selfishness, greed, dishonesty and cruelty - which make it hard to
      resist cynicism. It's a pity that it often takes a disaster and the
      heroic actions it evokes to provide compelling contrary evidence, to
      remind us of the best in human nature. ...

      18. The Truth About Positive Thinking: When to Use it - and When to
      Ignore It

      Lack of self-confidence, Peale said, "is one of the great problems
      besetting people today." He makes reference to a survey of college
      students indicating that for 75 percent of them, confidence was the
      thing most lacking in their life. ...

      19. Humor: The Lungi, The Legend

      A Lungi is simple and 'down to earth' like the mallu wearing it. Lungi
      is the beginning and the end of evolution in its category. Wearing
      something on the top half of your body is optional when you are wearing
      a lungi. Lungi is a strategic dress. It's like a
      one-size-fits-all-bottoms for Keralites. ...

      20. About Malankara World


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