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Is Mr. KM Roy (Mangalam) a Paid News Editor: A Sreesanth of Media?

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  • Paul Joshy
    Media is considered as the Fourth Estate in a democracy, along with Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary. The reason given such status to the media is that
    Message 1 of 2 , May 20, 2013
      Media is considered as the Fourth Estate in a democracy, along with
      Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary. The reason given such status to
      the media is that it is to be impartial and should publicise the omission
      and commission of the other three in front of the people, so that each
      organ is expected to act independently. However, recently the honourable
      Supreme Court of India and the Indian Parliament raised concern about the
      impartiality of some of the media people about paid news reporting or
      “fixing” in favour of vested interest and corporate lobbies, ignoring the
      ethics of the Third Estate. In Kerala, there is a genuine reason to
      suspect that Mr. K.M. Roy of Mangalam has become one of the “paid” news
      editor contrary to the believe of ethics in journalism, by expressing his
      partisan approach in the Malankara Church dispute.

      Traditionally, among the Kerala media, Manorama is considered as the
      mouth-piece of MOSC, because of the free gift of large property (where in
      Manorama Kottayam HQ is situated), which was under the control of the
      united Church (pre-1912), by Vattasseril Thirumeni for getting Mamman
      Mappilai’ s support to HG’s revolt against the Patriarch of Antioch. Ever
      since that Manoram’s main job is to promote Orthodox Church in Kerala.
      Mathrubhumi is a newspaper generally brings out the cause of Hindus, but
      takes independent stand in the church dispute. While Mangalam had taken
      favourable position for the Jacobites until recently, but now it has become
      a major proponent of IOC, especially IOC office bearers like Muthoot George
      and Konattu Achan. Any statement of Konattu Achan to criticize Jacobites
      gets big importance in Mangalam than in Manorama, be it about Piravam
      Pally case, Kolenchery, Kadamattom, or Mamallassery incident. In the last
      one year Konnattu Achan’s two articles about the importance of the MOSC
      Catholicate have been published in Mangalam to ‘educate” Jacobite readers,
      and also to expand MOSC’s position on the Patriarch of Antioch in central
      Kerala. Anyway it is upto the owners of Mangalam and the chief editor
      regarding what kind of news should come in the newspaper and they have
      hundred per cent freedom to choose reporting news. I have no problem of
      their reporting strategy whether it is about IOC or Jacobites.

      But the reason why I am writing this message is that Mr Roy’s editorial
      article appeared in Mangalam Daily of May 20 criticises the Jacobite church
      in cahooting with CBI to exonerate Fr. Varghese Thekkekara in the Malankara
      Varghese‘s case and giving publicity to MOSC’s stand on the issue. In the
      article actually he analyses the issue of the autonomy of CBI. Today CBI is
      being criticized left and right of its “impartiality” in cases and its
      relationship with central government. And recently the honorable SC has
      given its opinion that CBI should be an autonomous body and Mr. Roy’s
      article is about the current situation of CBI and its snail-like approach
      towards various cases. And Mr. Roy gives two case examples CBI investigated
      in Kerala and its current status.

      Interestingly, the two examples are cases related to Christian churches and
      the external influences in investigating the case. One is Abhaya case and
      another is Malankara Varghese case and he elaborated it in two paras.
      However, he restricted the Abhaya case in one sentence of the two paras,
      but raising question about CBI’s position in Malankara Varghese case in
      rest of the part (
      http://epaper.mangalam.com/index.php?edition=2&dated=2013-05-20&page=8 ).

      Actually what is the central argument and concern of Mr. Roy he wants to
      project in this article? The need for an autonoums/independent CBI or CBI
      is not followed the diktats of MOSC leadership and arrest Jacobite
      Catholicose HB Thomas I and put HB in Poojappura central jail. If the
      former is his genuine concern then he should have raised social issues like
      Kiliroor-Kaviyoor case in which two young girls were cheated, raped and
      being killed, and the alleged culprits are the people who occupy higher
      position in society, including the sons of two former misters. Another case
      is Sambath case where in one CBI officer has committed suicide because of
      the internal and external influence and senior IPS officer is the alleged
      culprit. Then there is the Shaseendran (Malabar Cements) death case, which
      is high profile because of the political-bureaucratic-contractor mafia’s
      involvement in it. And also the perverted son of MOSC trustee is being
      brutally killed by goondas and CBI is dragging the case by seeking
      “extensions” from the court instead of closing the report.

      For Mr. Roy these are not a concern while analyzing CBI’s autonomy, rather
      his problem is one Jacobite priest is still living freely, whose name is
      there in the charge sheet of Malankara Varghese case. Roy makes an
      observation that the priest is not arrested because of the external
      involvement (read Jacobite church leadership) over CBI. Why is he so
      concerned about the Malankara Varghese case than any of the above-mentioned

      All this raises genuine suspicion that he has been a “paid” editor writing
      in favour of IOC leadership.

      Joshy Paul
      New Delhi

    • Vatachal Thomas John
      I have been holding Mr.K M Roy in high esteem as he covered the enthronement of H H The Patriarch of Antioch & All the East Moran  Mor Ignatius Zakha
      Message 2 of 2 , May 21, 2013
        I have been holding Mr.K M Roy in high esteem as he covered the enthronement of H H The Patriarch of Antioch & All the East Moran  Mor Ignatius Zakha Iwas First and gave a wonderful news report in the print media even as a Monk of the IO Church by name V Rev Fr Lazarus Ramban gave a distorted report..
        Mr K M Roy rediculed the Monk with the following words (my translation)
        V T John ID 3985
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