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Malankara World Journal Issue 139 - Focus: Emmaus Experience and Saint George

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  • Jacob Mathew
    The Malankara World Journal Issue 139 - Focus: Emmaus Experience and Saint George - (Apr 25, 2013) is available online at:
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      The Malankara World Journal Issue 139 - Focus: Emmaus Experience and
      Saint George - (Apr 25, 2013) is available online at:


      *TABLE OF CONTENTS* Issue No: 139
      *Focus: Emmaus Experience and Saint George*

      1. Foreword

      2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (Apr 28)

      Third Sunday after New Sunday


      3. Sermons for This Sunday (Apr 28)

      Sermons for The Third Sunday after New Sunday


      4. Inspiration for Today: Gospel In A Nutshell

      The gospel in a nutshell is that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was
      buried, and was raised on the third day. That is the cornerstone of our
      faith. So when you share the gospel, remind those you speak to that
      Jesus died for them. He shed His blood for them. ...


      5. Featured: The Living Bread Which Came Down from Heaven

      By the power of the Spirit, God has prepared a special place in each of
      us where Jesus dwells. As we take time to rest with Him and learn from
      Him, we meet Jesus and we are refreshed. As we continue resting in Him,
      we are moved to surrender all to Him - our lives, our concerns, all of
      our circumstances - and we open our hearts to Him. ...


      6. St. George, Martyr and Patron Saint

      Pictures of St. George usually show him killing a dragon to save a
      beautiful lady. The dragon stands for wickedness. The lady stands for
      God's holy truth. St. George kills the dragon because he won the battle
      against the devil. ...

      7. Saint George, Awesome Among The Very Saints of God

      The point of all this wonderful triumphalism in the iconography is not
      that Saint George or the other martyrs successfully fought their way out
      of being martyred, but rather that they conquered the demonically
      controlled world by witnessing to Christ Jesus' goodness and kindness
      right unto their deaths, so hated is goodness and kindness by the
      demonically controlled world. Saint George and the other martyrs slew
      the dragon by being slain themselves. ...


      8. Looking in the Wrong Places

      This story offers us clues as to where to find the Risen Christ, as to
      where to find a deep, intimate, loving, caring, long term relationship
      with Christ. In the Word. In the Sacrament. In the conversation between
      friends that Jesus has transformed...

      9. Unexpected Company and Personal Reassessments

      The two disciples are so centered on their own woes and wounds that they
      do not recognize who walks alongside them. Feeling sorry for ourselves
      does not help us go to God, but only immerses us further in our own
      impotence. What breaks through this situation? An unexpected question
      that destroys the incorrect assumptions of these two malcontents and
      invites them to look more deeply at their own situation. ...


      10. Happy 80th Birthday HH

      11. Abduction of Bishop Paul Yazigi and Bishop John Ibrahim in Syria

      His Eminence Mor Gregorius Yuhaana Ibrahim, Syriac Orthodox Archbishop
      of Aleppo, and His Eminence Boulos Yazigi, Greek Orthodox Archbishop of
      Aleppo, were abducted by unknown terrorists at the outskirts of Aleppo.
      The driver and another person in the group were killed. Efforts are
      continuing to seek the release of the two bishops. As of this writing,
      they are still being held. The following is a joint Communique from the
      Patriarchates of the Syrian Orthodox Church and the Greek Orthodox
      Church regarding the abduction. Please pray for the safe return of the
      shepherds. ...


      12. Health: Hypothyroidism is a 'Silent Epidemic' of Misdiagnosis,
      Doctor Says

      Hypothyroidism and aging share an important common denominator -
      diminished or faulty hormone production -- so it's easy to see how
      doctors can miss a diagnosis. ...

      13. Family Special: The Perfect Wedding

      Whether you are divorced with a heart broken by betrayal, widowed with a
      bed chilled by loneliness, single with still no promise of a ring on
      your finger, or happily joined to the man of your dreams, Jesus longs to
      take you in his arms, not simply "for as long as you both shall live,"
      but for all eternity. ...

      14. Building Bridges

      Choose today to create one of the most significant bridges you'll ever
      build: to destroy your enemies by making them your friends. It changes
      countries, businesses, communities and families. And my friends, it's
      certain to change you...

      15. Humor: Psychology 101

      16. About Malankara World

      Read all the articles and features in this week's Malankara World
      Journal online at:


      Thank you for your support and help.

      In HIS Service

      Dr. Jacob Mathew
      Malankara World

      Malankara World Journal
      Hudson, Ohio
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