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Job opportunity - M.Sc. Nurses preferred, located in India, work from home

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  • frzach4
    Dear SOCM readers, Note the job opportunity below from the company I work for. I am not the person doing the hiring, but only am tasked with collecting
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2013
      Dear SOCM readers,

      Note the job opportunity below from the company I work for. I am not the person doing the hiring, but only am tasked with collecting resumes. We are looking for experienced nurses, preferably with M.Sc, who have excellent English communication skills and outstanding understanding of medical terminology. See details below. Please take action now if interested. No agencies please as we intend to hire directly.
      "We need people with very good general English communication skills who may procure a computer and a stable, reliable internet connection to work on medical diagnosis coding. Specifically, the USA is on a diagnosis coding system called ICD-9. The government mandates that our medical system move to the newer ICD-10 coding system. We need people with strong knowledge of medical terminology to accurately take ICD-9 code descriptions and match them to the proper ICD-10 code in our software's database. There is another coding database called SNOMED to which we are also mapping. www.icd9data.com www.icd10data.com

      This work does not involve any direct patient care, but clinical experience is a definite plus point. Strong medical terminology knowledge, the ability to adapt to terminology used here in the States, attention to detail, and a high sense of dedication are all certain requirements.

      Candidates will be asked to interview with human resource managers from our company's headquarters. If selected, the candidate will work for the company at regular salary for a 120 day trial period. Afterward, full time, permanent employment will be offered for the foreseeable future with periodic evaluation. At this time, there seems to be work for many years to come.

      The work is not glamorous, but it is not stressful at all. One may work flexibly and wherever there is a reliable internet connection. The proper training will be provided. From time to time, and especially during the training period, meetings may be held by video-conference with headquarters, so some odd work hours may be required occasionally.

      Salary will be in the range of Rs. 40000 per month. Payment will be on an hourly basis to provide maximum flexibility. Work more hours one month, take vacation at your pace, etc - no problem as long as quality work is returned and an approximate average of 160 hours a month is maintained once hired as a permanent employee.

      Note that accepting an offer for trial and/or permanent employment does not guarantee a "job for life" - performance will always determine whether employment will continue on an ongoing basis. Finally, note that at this time there is no possibility of obtaining a visa abroad from our company.

      We are looking to hire immediately. We will select up to four candidates, with two to three of them being hired for full time positions after the trial period.

      Accordingly, please return resumes/CVs to mbcnopportunity@... c/o Fr. Zach. We are looking for up to 25 high caliber resumes to consider. I am happy to answer any questions you may have via email."

      Rev. Fr. Zacharia Poikkatil Varghese, MD, MPH
      Medical Content Developer, www.e-MDs.com
      Associate Vicar
      St. Thomas Malankara Syriac Orthodox Church (Under the Holy See of Antioch and All the East)
      Austin, Texas USA
      Member 903
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