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Malankara World Journal Issue 131 - Fortieth Friday and Raising of Lazarus

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  • Jacob Mathew
    The Malankara World Journal Issue 131 - Fortieth Friday and Raising of Lazarus - (Mar 18, 2013) is available online at:
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      The Malankara World Journal Issue 131 - Fortieth Friday and Raising of Lazarus - (Mar 18, 2013) is available online at:


      TABLE OF CONTENTS Issue No: 131

      Fortieth Friday and Raising of Lazarus

      Passion Week Special - 1

      1. Foreword


      2. Bible Readings for Fortieth Friday (Mar 22)

      3. Sermons for Fortieth Friday (Mar 22)


      4. Bible Readings for Lazarus Saturday (Mar 23)

      5. Sermons for Lazarus Saturday (Mar 23)



      6. Featured: The Fast and the Temptation of Christ

      The Scriptures present to us two kinds of true fasting: one, by which we try to bring the flesh into subjection to the spirit, of which St. Paul speaks in 2 Cor 6,5: "In labors, in watchings, in fastings." The other is that which we must bear patiently, and yet receive willingly because of our need and poverty, of which St. Paul speaks in 1 Cor 4, 11: "Even unto this present hour we both hunger, and thirst," and Christ in Mt 9,15: "When the bridegroom shall be taken away from them, then will they fast." ...

      7. Desert Tower to Angel Flight. You Are Cleared to Land

      Jesus, up to the moment where the Tempter manifests, has been very obedient to his calling and his mission. He has been baptised by John, he has been affirmed by the voice of his heavenly Parent, he has followed the Spirit's leading to go away into the wilderness and he has been diligent in fasting. It is at the point of discipline and due diligence that Jesus renders himself most vulnerable. ...

      8. Why Did Jesus Spend Time in Desert?

      After the Baptism, Jesus did not choose from his ego to go into the desert. Rabbits might vote for Easter but turkeys don't vote for Christmas. It was the Spirit that drove him there. His ego would have said - you have the endorsement of the Father, the attention of the crowd, now hit the campaign trail. Instead he spent forty days taming the wild beasts. ...


      9. When All You Can See Is How Bad Things Are

      Jesus answered Martha and Mary's request - not in the way they expected, but in a far greater way. He could have come immediately and healed Lazarus, which would have been wonderful. But instead, by delaying, he glorified himself in a much greater way by raising Lazarus from the dead - a much more amazing miracle. Jesus could answer your prayers immediately if he wanted to. If he hasn't he's got something far greater in mind for you. ...

      10. God's Glory on Display

      This account from John's Gospel reminds us that God can be glorified through human suffering and bring good, despite the bad. The bad thing for Lazarus, of course, was that he had to not only die once, but he had to die twice. Yet God was glorified through it all. ...

      11. The Journey with Jesus - Lazarus

      When Jesus experienced the sisters Mary and Martha weeping for their dead brother Lazarus, and their distraught neighbors, John writes that he was "deeply moved in spirit and troubled" (John 11:33). The God whom Christians worship is not a remote and aloof "sky god" somewhere way out there. No, He's a tender God who is deeply moved, even grieved, by anything and everything that threatens our human well-being. ...

      12. Bethany - A Very Special Place for Jesus

      When Jesus felt the need to be among his closest friends and earthly companions, he traveled to Bethany. Frank Viola calls Bethany "Jesus' favorite place on Earth." ..

      13. Malankara World Passion Week Supplement

      Malankara World has a supplement that provides detailed information about Passion Week including articles, prayers, sermons, etc. You will find it here:

      Passion Week Supplement in Malankara World


      Malankara World has developed a daily plan of bible readings, meditations, reflections, and prayers for Passion Week. You will find it here:

      Today in Passion Week



      14. Lent 101: Honoring the Sacrifice of Jesus

      Lent offers us an opportunity to come to terms with the human condition we may spend the rest of the year running from and it brings our need for a Savior to the forefront. Like Advent, Lent is a time to open the doors of our hearts a little wider and understand our Lord a little deeper, so that when Good Friday and eventually Easter comes, it is not just another day at church but an opportunity to receive the overflowing of graces God has to offer. ...

      15. The Cross Exemplifies Every Virtue

      Why did the Son of God have to suffer for us? There was a great need, and it can be considered in a twofold way: in the first place, as a remedy for sin, and secondly, as an example of how to act. ...

      16. About Malankara World


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