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Malankara World Journal Mid-Lent Special (Issue 128)

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  • Jacob Mathew
    The Malankara World Journal Mid-Lent Special (Issue 128, Mar 6, 2013) is available online at: http://www.MalankaraWorld.com/Newsletter/MWJ_128.htm *TABLE OF
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      The Malankara World Journal Mid-Lent Special (Issue 128, Mar 6, 2013) is
      available online at:


      *TABLE OF CONTENTS Issue No: 128*
      Special Edition: Mid-Lent

      1. Mid-Lent (Twenty Fifth Day of the Great Lent)

      The Golgotha and erection of cross in the church signifies that God came
      down from heaven and dwelt among us in this world. This is why the
      Golgotha is in the middle of the church with us, the common folks, and
      not in the Madbaha as we normally expect to find it. ...

      2. Bible Readings for Mid-Lent (Mar 6)

      3. Sermons for Mid-Lent (Mar 6)


      4. What if I'm at the midpoint of Lent and not much is going on?

      I began with the best of intentions, but I am not sure what I'm doing or
      what I want to be doing. Can my Lent be "rescued"? Can a seven week
      journey be completed in the remaining next two or three weeks - waiting
      for my heart to be open? ...

      5. Realigning Our Priorities During Lent

      Lent is an important time to do a top-to-bottom review of what we value
      and what we actually do, in our every day lives. Whenever we do this, we
      always discover that something needs re-aligning. ...

      6. Family Special: Looking at Our Marriages During Lent

      Re-focusing our marriage invites us to be more giving, to fight our
      human nature that has us focused on our own needs. We are asked to stop
      keeping score with the ones we love and to put their needs ahead of our
      own. It is then, Jesus promises, that by losing our lives for his sake,
      we will find real life. ...

      7. Eternally Good

      God is wiser than I am, and what is immediately good actually may not be
      eternally good. And what is eternally good isn't always immediately
      good, but painful. ...

      8. Holy Lent Supplement in Malankara World

      Great Lent is the time for personal reflection, meditation,
      reconciliation, and prayer. Malankara World has a great resource that
      helps you accomplish that. We provide you daily reflections,
      meditations, prayer, bible readings etc. Read the articles about how to
      practice lent. Then do the reading for the day specified. We will guide
      you week by week. You can find the resources here:
      Malankara World Great Lent Supplement

      Week 4 of Great Lent

      9. About Malankara World


      Read all the articles and features in this week's Malankara World
      Journal online at:


      Thank you for your support and help.

      In HIS Service

      Dr. Jacob Mathew
      Malankara World

      Malankara World Journal
      Hudson, Ohio
      ID No: 956
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