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Brain Storming- Marraige- dowry in the disguise of share. Girls and boys are not for sale : boy to be purcahsed?

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  • Paulose V V
    Crusade against Dowry At the disguise of family share, the Syriac Orthodox Church in India we do the out right sale of girls and boys, boys to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2013
      Crusade against Dowry

      At the disguise of family share, the Syriac Orthodox Church in India we do the out right sale of girls and boys, boys to be purchased?!!!!! girls ?!!!!! a goods, no worth to be sold with out dowry or share

      Recently a marriage proposal for my niece came from a wealthy, traditional and educated orthodox family from Kerala. Two things I put forth at the out set at the on coming proposal that I have been doing all the marriages in my extended family. 1: a boy should able to love and take care of the girl: never and ever allows shedding tears by abuse in the name of money dealings. If it happens so she will leave the house once for all. And we will take care of her. 2: Devoted Christian family, the members who are practicing Christianity in their day to life (devotion). In the nutshell: Love and devotion.

      Then I told plainly to them our family would give the fare share of her in its due course. Every thing they heard ,then 20 people came to see my home and invited us to visit their house. Before the due date they called us and told that their relatives and elders wanted to know how much money and gold we are going to give as share. I was indignated, irritated and agitated and so sad. Then I called them and said we are not coming at all and stop the marriage proceedings. The girl was also not in favor of that kind of marriage. Then they called me back and apologized for their in -appropriate demand.

      All the marriages in my home, never ever we have asked the share or dowry from any girls and the same way we are not ready to tell before the marriage the girl’s share or gold. Girl is not for sale and boy is not for purchase. This is biblical and all other marriage dealings are anti Christian and satanic. In the bible, the Patriarch Jacob had hard labor for 14 years for his loved one in her home. Marriage is for, by and of love and is in one flesh, one heart and one mind in Jesus.

      In reality with out dowry or share there is hardly any marriages in Kerala, Syric Orthodox Christian. This cancerous cell can be removed only by the girls and boys who pledge and in practice that they never ever ask or give any dowry in the disguise of share before the marriages and not allow the elders to oversmart . Share of both girls and boys be in the same account or separate as their own. As a Christian priest I request the hierarchy and my colleagues not to officiate any marriages where there is outright knowledge of dowry dealings in the name of share and bash spending for the feast.

      Recently I attended a civil marriage in the city hall New York, a syraic orthodox boy with a Punjabi girl. I congratulate the boy and girl for their guts not to have a gala or bash spending, 1000’s of dollars in the name of marriage party. They invited only 10 people, including the boy and girl and selected a modest restaurant. Above all no gold and no dowry dealings and no arch bishop, catholicize -if any chance the patriarch, 12 priests, cor-episcopas deacons and posh church and marriage hall then the tall toast talk and then break!

      Paulose Aachen from Toronto
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