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Re: Names of priests of Syriac Jacobite Church

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  • Vatachal Thomas John
    I have a number of responses on this subject from various circles, personally, over phones and through these columns   A friend of mine was about to name his
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      I have a number of responses on this subject from various circles, personally, over phones and through these columns
      A friend of mine was about to name his son A-MA-LAN. But I advised him against the proposal. The friends of Amalan in his school days is sure to call him Malan dropping the letter `A` from the head of the name. If Amalan is to show any slackness in his studies at least some of his teachers will,  to be sure, tease him calling him Malan
      I have had in my college life a few friends who hail from Coonan Venga ( Coonan is the same Coonan in Coonan-kurisu-sathyam and Venga is a large tree) While travelling in public service vehicles, when the conductor asked them to tell their destinations for enabling him to give them travelling tickets of appropriate value they looked  perplexed and perturbed to utter the word Coonan Venga. The people of the area became very much annoyed with the name and they found a solution; yes, they changed the name of the place and it is now known as SA- NTHI- PU-RAM.
      There is a place in Kottayam District called PA-TTI-KKA-D which is now named SU-VA-RNA-GI-RI .  The head-quarters of our St Paul's Mission of India is PA-TTI-MA-TT-OM. in Ernakulam District. I have requested the Mission to specify in their communications  that its HQ is at Bha-tti-ma-ttom of course giving the PIN Code in them. And in no time the place will be known as Bhattimattom transforming PA-TTI to BHA-TTI
      A friend of mine whose name was A N T H R A Y O S E  changed it as Andrews in his thirties;  Carlos another friend of mine in his forties  changed his name as Joseph.Both of them were Class I Gazetted Officers of the Government of Kerala. These two instances I mention just to show that there are no insurmountable difficulties for changing a name.
      Our Rev.Deacon shall have  years and years of   fruitful and purposeful christian public life  as a Rev. Father and subsequently as a Very Rev.Cor-Episcopos. At times this name will punch his personality. So my humble submission is that the name could be changed.as Rajesh or as Rajeesh. The best proposal is to substitute that word with the name he was called by Rooho Khaadeeso when he was baptised.so that we may call him  Rev.Fr.Mathew Eapen, Jacob Eapen, Chacko Eapen, Kuriakose Eapen, George Eapen or Geevargis Eapen.
      The priests officiating in the Holy Confession  will have to hear about sins in the areas of  sodomy and lesbianism for which the Malayalam word is  SWA-VA-RGA-RETHI or RE-THY-VY-KRU-THAM   Our Achan may have to hear those words  from confessors kneeling  before him always blushing if and when  the word RETHY is mentioned by any confessor.
      It was years back that I myself had to tell my Surgeon who conducted a  cryosurgery  in my body " Doctor, It was really a CALAMITY that I had to come to you for the cryosurgery''  It was only subsequently that  I learned that the doctor`s nick-name in the medical circles is DR. CALAMITY    !! 
      V T John
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