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Malankara World Mega Special on 'Women in Church'

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  • Jacob Mathew
    *Malankara World Mega Special on Women in Church * On January 21, 2013 we officially unveiled the Malankara World Journal Mega Special on the Women in
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      *Malankara World Mega Special on 'Women in Church'*

      On January 21, 2013 we officially unveiled the Malankara World Journal
      Mega Special on the 'Women in Church.' Very Rev. Dr. GeeVarghese
      Kunnath, MD (a member of the Malankara World Board and Founder and
      Managing Trustee of St. Gregorios Cancer Hospital and Institute,
      Kothamangalam) released the volume by giving a printed copy of the eBook
      to Dr. Shila Mathew, MD (Board Certified Psychiatrist and Member of the
      Managing Committee of St. Basil's Syriac Orthodox Church, Ohio) at
      Cleveland, Ohio in the presence of a large group of Christians,
      Professionals and well-wishers.

      Several months in preparation and with over 40 articles and over 250
      pages in printed form, this is perhaps the first comprehensive e-book
      published on Women in our Church. The Malankara World Editorial Team
      consisting of Rev. Fr. Jerry Kurian Kodiattu (Bangalore, India), Sunitha
      J Flowerhill (Philadelphia, USA), Betcy Thotakat (wife of a priest;
      Dallas, USA) and Dr. Jacob Mathew (Cleveland, USA) poured over hundreds
      of articles and documents in preparation for this volume.

      The featured article by HH Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, Patriarch of Antioch
      and all the East, provides a comprehensive look at the role of women in
      Syriac Orthodox Church and quells several myths about the perceived
      subservient nature of women in Orthodox Church. HH stated unequivocally
      that "Both men and women are created in the image of God and are equal
      in the Holy Church, although they may have different roles." A full
      section in the book, consisting of several articles, examines the
      subject 'Women in Church.' Then we look at the women in Orthodox Church
      with articles by eminent authors such as Metropolitan Seraphim of
      Johannesburg and Pretoria. We finally zero in on Women in Malankara
      Orthodox Church with a keynote by Rev. Fr. Jerry Kurian Kodiattu. We
      also feature two women from the Malankara Diaspora for their varying

      The book also includes articles on topics such as Christian Family Life,
      Women and Career, Current Issues Facing Women (such as sexual assault),
      and General Articles of Interest.

      When you examine the finished product, I am sure you will be impressed.

      You can read the full eBook at:

      A follow-up special to this volume is planned for late spring/early
      summer time frame. We welcome your article contributions as well as
      suggestions for subjects that should be included. Please send them to

      Dr. Jacob Mathew
      Malankara World
      ID #: 956
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