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Our humble suggestion to Church authorities.

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    Our humble suggestion to Church authorities. 05 Jan 13 As per latest official press release from our Church, the Reporter TV news seems to be manipulated. So
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2013
      Our humble suggestion to Church authorities.
      05 Jan'13

      As per latest official press release from our Church, the Reporter TV news seems to be manipulated. So in future how can we overcome this problem. Our suggestions:

      1. Just record the entire proceedings parallel by our team also whenever we give an interview to a TV or newspaper and keep it as a record.

      2. Always give interviews only at our Church centers so that we have full control for recording etc. (Never go to press club or outside places for a press conference)

      3. Better Metropolitans avoid media reporters to extent possible and send only priests or learned laymen for news debates etc.. If a high priest make a mistake in a press debate it will became a great issue and a problem for the Church as a whole.

      4. We have heard from our responsible Church authorities some years back itself that the Church has plans to dedicate a big room in the ground floor of Patriarch center for media related things alone with a big screen etc. Since that day we were eagerly waiting for that, but until now there seems to be no progress. Hope it will be implemented soon with all facilities which can be used for many things.

      In this occasion may we recall a press conference held at Kottayam in 2004 by Mor Theophilos Thirumeni to inform about the patriarchal visit. It was also the time when Late Minister T M Jacob had resigned from UDF ministry following problems with Oommen Chandy. In the entire press conference Theophilos Thirumeni explained about patriarchal visit and related things except for one question on T M Jacob for which Thirumeni gave a fitting reply favouring T M Jacob considering him to be a member of our Church. But when the news (press conference) was reported by all the TV channels, the entire emphasis was given only to the response of Thirumeni regarding TM Jacob issue with main headline news. The news about the Patriarchal visit was completely sidelined by all the TV medias. This is the problem with our TV news reports and so we must be extra careful in avoiding controversies which may affect the morale of an ordinary faithful.

      Prepared by SOCMNet Moderators
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