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ATTENTION! SHIKHANDI(s) on the prowl again!!!

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  • texasabraham
    In the Hindu epic, a war was fought using Shikhandi and it led to certain destruction.Like the same, someone using MVPA as a shield like Shikhandi to fight
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2012
      In the Hindu epic, a war was fought using 'Shikhandi' and it led to certain destruction.Like the same, someone using MVPA as a shield like Shikhandi to fight and grab Jacobite assets and stop our growth.
      Kurinji episode is the DARKEST in our history - denying Christmas service to the people of Kurinji - tell us what's in store for next year and reminded us to be prepared.

      Its good to see,how long they can play this game. Let them close their eyes to the public anger against this daylight robbery.
      For sure they will come back,crying for peace.It will happen and happen for sure.

      However we need to show more prudent steps in stopping such childish games.There are so many ways.Our capable leadership does not need any advice as such but many pointing several interesting solutions and suggestions for their consideration.Hope they are well web connected and reading those.Many wish our leadership To EMPLOY external consultants (Retd: Professors,Advocates,Thinkers) to carve out a better strategy,just like the other side does since such acts are less error prone.

      As many members already pointed out :

      ->This is the old and known pattern : MVPA and MANNUTHI are creating problems everywhere.
      ->They are using the Orthodox prayer slot to close down the churches.
      ->They are getting access to these churches through the priests belonging to them.
      ->We are seeing many migratory birds flying to the other side.Rumors say great monitory benefits as well as professional seats for their kin are in the offer.
      ->Media getting blind towards our cause as Gold Firm may withdraw their Ads which forms many Channel's bread and butter.

      As many in this forum pointed out, time to take some bold steps if not few baby steps to stop this nonsense.Many asks WHY ?

      1.We are letting our Priests fly,no attempt to get some of them back or take back few 'genuine cases that love to beback in true faith'

      2.Many here say Kurinji aggression is IO's plan to FLOP Puthenkurishu convention.Then they waited for their 'MAHA SAMMELAN' to get over in Marine Drive.And we thought they are on peace path! What a comedy is this.Why we are falling in all the Traps they set? Now in the name of Unity talks/Mediation talks they are using these TIER 2 leaders to talk to our TOP leadership.This itself shows their Seriousness.IOs only interest seems to be 'Catholica' TITLE of Malankara Reeth Sabha

      2.MVPA,MANNUTHI property belonging to us should be evacuated.Many view it's THE time to donate or at least lease the land to Orphanages/Old Age homes run by HINDU/MUSLIM/Christian institutions.That place should not be used as a launching ground for
      ANTI-Jacobite atrocities.It is time Marthomariyam Samajam and other organizations to get involved and get them evicted.At-least such an act,will bring some shame to the shameless.

      3.MLAs and MPs have principal role in representing interests of people of his/her constituency. What is happening is Jacobite leaders in ruling parties slowly loosing the vote bank support.I am not a political pundit,but the LDF can ask a die hard UDF Jacobite follower 'what does UDF do in Mamalassery Church?'. This is not to say that a certain group in CONGRSS cleverly using this situation to score on the other side OR To predict that Kerala Congress losses their strong seats in Piravom,Kothamnagalam etc.OR Any major party killing the smaller parties by cleverly assisting IO in the areas smaller parties are strong.
      Who knows there are many players behind MVPA move against Jacobites.Multiple targets with a single stone? Whatever be the case,the Jacobite political leaders are really hurting their own political career by being silent on the issue.

      4.There is No legal team of Advocates,accessible to individual churches.This is not for 1934 consultation,Just to know about the
      legalities when someone deface beautiful churches like these.
      If it happened in Pampakkuda,those involved will be charged for non-bailable offense under 153 A

      5.We should do NO more fence sitting, a strong stand need to be taken for the forthcoming Parliament election. We still say,Sabha won't support any party etc,it is fine.However a message should be conveyed to those giving lip-service to problems in Mamalassery,
      Kanyattunirappu,Njanarakkad,Kurinji .... and many many churches in pipeline.Expect MALAMKERA ALL-MAYA Forum showing their true political color if we went ahead with Anti-UDF Stand.Its time to completely IGNORE them.

      6.Where are we on the suspicious death of our brother at Mamalassery?
      Did we stopped looking into it? Or we again blaming on authorities slow pace of investigation.Come-on there are laws to speed track cases. Link : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SOCM-FORUM/message/23523

      7.Why we are not raising this proof - A clear case violation and applies in Sec 153 A. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsRh_n7VG9I

      Hope someone from IO side will think - using these duo as a tool bringing WHAT benefit to them?Pray for goodsense to previal on MVPA and team than ruining peaceful harmony among people.Hope this 2013,IO will succeed in finding a better job to keep them occupied than running around eranakulam,looking for targets,closing down churches and making Christians arrested!

      We follow Athanasious Thirumeni's words and deeds and committed to uphold the TRUE FAITH our parents taught us.


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