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    ARE WE  EVIL?   Friday we found that a 20 years old Adam Lanza killed 20 1st graders in Newtown, CT.  He shot the little ones multiple times looking at
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2012
      ARE WE  EVIL?
      Friday we found that a 20 years old
      Adam Lanza killed 20 1st graders in Newtown, CT.  He shot the little ones multiple times
      looking at there angelic faces.  Psychologists would argue for centuries that it was a slip or a flip.  Sociology and Psychology class rooms would
      dissect it in their own ways.  Criminal
      attorneys would say that it was a weak day and moment in Adam’s life.
      Psychiatrists would diagnose it to just lithium ion imbalance; causing miss-firings
      in the neuron synopses. 
       In Malayalam news we find that both parents of
      an under-age little girl was offering their child to pleasure seekers and the
      elite men of our land who have there own daughters were buying pleasure.  Still we may call it continuous flipping and
      read that many a husbands are killed by the desire of their adulterous
      wives.  We still blame it on mobile
      Who is the villain?  Who is wrong?
      Two millenniums before Sigmund
      Freud, Jesus Christ said it.  Apostle
      Mathew quoted Jesus in Matthew 15:19;“For out of the heart
      proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false
      witness, blasphemies: these are what make a man 'unclean”.  He said evil is real.  It is not the absence of goodness.  Human heart is the source of evil.
      Our original self is the self that
      run a red light and be happy that we did not get caught.  When we are driving alongside a police
      trooper in the highway, we are very law-abiding.  Is that our real self?
      When we did the genocides of the
      world, was it a slip or flip.  Were we
      slipping when the church supported the third Reich? Was humanity flipping along
      with Stalin?  
      Evil is real and fundamental to
      human heart.  Enlightenment is when light
      enters the dark unfathomed chambers of human heart.  Apostle Paul said it “the people who walked
      in the darkness saw a great light”
      To this inner dark chamber of Susan
      Smith; the mother who buckled up her two little kids in to the car-seats and
      drove them to the waters of the New Hampshire lake; who would cry aloud in
      front of the television cameras pleading for her children’s return; And to the
      bereaved family of the victims of Newtown as well as the surviving family of
      Adam Lanza;  And the victims and
      survivors of the holocaust, the Stalinic regime and the so called “collaterals”
      of Napalm bombings comes the feeble but assuring voice of the resurrected Jesus
      “Peace be with you”
      The Jesus of Nazareth, who was born
      in the wilderness of Bethlehem with no specific location; who could not get
      accepted anywhere and was placed in a manger as a destitute as He is the
      Daridra-Narayana.  He had to be carried
      away to Egypt for he had mighty enemies like the king.  He walked with the lowest of the lows; smelly
      fishermen and former prostitutes.  He
      never traveled more than a radius of fifty miles.  He never wrote any books.  He got the most heinous of all deaths.  He was proclaimed free of guilt by the judge
      Pilate and the fellow crucified.  He
      never blamed anyone.  He never pleaded to
      prove his innocence.  The buried Jesus
      went further down from where he was placed; right in to the abyss declaring
      freedom to the enslaved.  The resurrected
      Jesus did not go to the killers to prove something.  He went again to the lowest of the lows;
      proclaiming peace; giving them a new commandment “Love one another”.  But if you want to love, you have to let
      Jesus in.
      We are fundamentally filthy and
      dark.  “chonnessuu sishya genathodai
      sathya prakasham ngan thanne”.  Do you
      think you can still do it alone?  Adam
      Lanza also thought the same.
      Dn. Monsy Jacob
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