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The recent atrocities by Metran Kakshis - a well thought out game plan ?

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  • manoj
    Since last one week the church feud has taken a turn for the worse. The Metran kakshis have gone into top gear. Moovattupuzha Athanasios is in the forefront
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2012
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      Since last one week the church feud has taken a turn for the worse. The Metran kakshis have gone into top gear. Moovattupuzha Athanasios is in the forefront and leading the charge. May God never forgive him.. Because that much is the pain he has caused us. The pain is manifold because he was a part of us.. a part of our flesh and blood .. someone who was chosen by a living saint to lead the Church in the next century.. But ! So was Lucifer... Let his conscience always prick at him and remind him that the curse of thousands of simple church going faithful is on him... May he never sleep in peace.. It is with profound grief and pain that I am writing this about this erstwhile shining star of the Jacobite Syrian Church.

      As much as I think, my suspicions are only getting stronger that what is happening since the last one week are not isolated incidents.. I strongly feel there is a well thought out strategy working behind it.. Let me just mention what my suspicions are about the real Metran Kakshi intentions..

      1. The annual Gospel convention at Puthencruz is scheduled to be held from 26th Dec to 31st Dec. We have been seeing that since the last few years, the participation has only increased every year. Incidentally, this is year M Y Yohannan and his Christian Revival Fellowship is also conducting a convention on the same dates and their convention venue is also next door (seem to be part of the well thought out strategy). The metran kakshi strategy seem to be to keep H B Bava & other Metropolitans of the church occupied with law & order problems in few churches and thus sabotage our Convention at Puthecruz. M Y Yohannan's convention will become a hit (while Jacobite convention becomes marred with problems in churches, police action, arrests, etc)... M Y Yohannan's acceptance among local people will increase, more Jacobites will join his groups and thus our church can be made brittle from within.

      2. The Jubilee perunnal at MUlanthuruthy cathedral church is being held on these days and H B Bava is the chief celebrant. By creating law & order situation in a church and causing Bava to take up a hunger strike, they will succeed in stopping Bava from leading the Perunnal celebrations at Mulanthuruthy.

      3. The dukhrono of St. Athanasius at Thrikunnathu Seminary is approaching (Jan 25th). By creating law & order situations in more churches, and taking it to a violent level, Metran kakshis seem to be planning & hoping to pressurize the the government ( Oommen Chandy is bending his back to their every unlawful demand anyways) to not open the "Kabar Muri" this year and thus stop Jacobites from offering prayers at the sacred tomb of their saintly father.

      4. To take the church feud to more churches (as I am writing this now, I hear that their Metran is planning to enter Vadavukode Jacobite church tommorrow and already announcement has been made). By testing our patience, they will succeed in provoking us. They know we are emotional and when pushed, we always react emotionally. They know this and they want this. Once they do this, Oommen Chandy's police and the media controlled by them will finish the job neatly for them. Faithful asking for lawful demands will be lathi charged, arrests will be made on false charges and the media will go on a propaganda war painting Jacobites as the villains.

      So ? Should we fall into their trap ?

      Or shall we take the fight to their camp ?

      They have not known the pain of losing one's churches.. They have not known the pain of getting one's places of worship being closed down forcefully.. They have not known the pain of seeing their own lathi charged by police just because they made lawful demands.. They have not known the pain of seeing their loved one's arrested on false charges.... They have not known the pain of seeing their revered priests mocked at and forced to offer mock masses (Qurbana) in police camps... They have not know the pain of being persecuted just for the sake of it..

      Is it time to make them known this and make them understand the pain ?

      Mathew George
      ID 4555
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