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Abraham As Our Example

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  • shibu podiyan
    Abraham As Our Example Abraham s obedience. Gen.12: 4; Heb. 11:8. Abraham s intercession. Gen. 18:22-33 Abraham s fear of God (offering of his son). Gen.
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      Abraham As Our Example

      Abraham's obedience. Gen.12: 4; Heb. 11:8.
      Abraham's intercession. Gen. 18:22-33
      Abraham's fear of God (offering of his son). Gen. 22:12; Heb. 11:17
      Abraham's faith in God. Gen. 15:6; Heb. 11:9-10
      Abraham's faith in resurrection. Heb. 11:19
      Abraham built altars and called upon the name of the Lord. Gen. 12:8; Gen. 13:4
      Abraham was generous to His nephew (Gen. 13:5-11) and fought to rescue him. Gen. 14: 12-24.
      Abraham gave tithe ( Gen. 14:20) and was blessed. Gen. 14:19-20.
      The scriptures (2 Chron. 20:7, James 2:23) call Abraham the friend of God.
      Abraham's relationship with God developed to a deeper and deeper friendship, as can be seen in His repeated interactions with God. Abraham viewed God as His friend, not only his supreme authority.

      [Two friends helped in preparing the above notes.]

      Trusting God for grace to follow Abraham's example,

      Bro.Shibu Luke Podiyan
      Washington D.C
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