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Samadhanasnehi and his hallucinations

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  • manoj
    The Metran Kakshi Samadhanasnehi (?) has once again displayed his thirst for peace through a posting titled Mean spirited behaviour by the Syriac Church
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2012
      The Metran Kakshi Samadhanasnehi (?) has once again displayed his "thirst for peace" through a posting titled "Mean spirited behaviour by the Syriac Church towards Jacobites" in the Metran kakshi forum.

      He begins with taking pride in the prime place (?) given to Kunamkulam Catholicose and the Devalokam delegation at the enthronement ceremony of the new Coptic Pope and goes on to comfort himself and his folk by claiming ancient fraternal relation between his church and the Copts (if 100 years can be cosidered as being ancient).

      Immediately after taking pride in his Catholicose's (?) / Maphrian's (? ) exalted (un)importance & comforting his co-religionists, he is "disheartened to see little or no participation from the Jacobite syrian Church at this exalted event". If it was a real concern or true love towards Jacobites which caused pain to him on seeing our non-participation, it would have been different. But as a true follower of Vattakunanism, here also he sees conspiracy. He brings down his argument to the moth eaten, age old, stinking, million times refuted theory of "the insensitivity with which the muddle-headed Arabs have always dealt with the St. Thomas Christians of Malabar".

      He does not state any reasons which made him think so.. He does not provide facts to substantiate his conspiracy theory� He does not reveal any information that only he is privy to� He does not even care to think of any other reason for the non � participation of Jacobites.. But still he has the audacity to ask "What loss would have happened to them, if they had allowed a member of the Jacobite Synod to participate in the chanting of Oxios led by the Patriarch and his Syriac bishops at the enthronement ceremony?".. He seems to have concluded that the Syriac delegation wilfully refused to allow any Jacobite Bishop to attend the ceremony even though he does not provide any details which made him conclude so. Typical Metran kakshi.

      No wonder� The Vattasserian church was built on lies and propaganda against the Patriarch� The Vattakunnan Church was sustained on the same platform� So, it is a necessity for their survival to continue this propaganda.

      Shame on them.

      He concludes with a widely publicized statement of his Catholicose from the recent Marine Drive show "What are the Jacobites, who are after all our flesh and blood" �and puts a question to us " What are Jacobites getting in return for their unconditional love and devotion to the Syriac Church and its Patriarch "?

      Samadhanasnehi (?) � the answer is loud and clear�. We are not showing unconditional love & devotion to the Syriac Church and our Patriarch expecting something in return. What we receive in return will never ever be understood by Metran Kakshis who believe in quantifying and putting a price tag to even basic human emotions & sentiments. We do not love our father expecting something in return.

      Hope his name makes sense at least to him..

      Mathew George
      ID 4555
    • sabu alias
      Sir, Hats off you for reading that lie forum.I stopped its subscription years before. MOC ,sorry Vattassery church is moving on the wrong track and they will
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 29, 2012

        Hats off you for reading that lie forum.I stopped its subscription years before. MOC ,sorry Vattassery church is moving on the wrong track and they will continue that. I wonder when the Vattassery church youngstres ask their fathers the same quetion "What will I get in return for my love towards you"?. Your mind will be calm if you stop listening to them. Ignore them .Craps, who tries to built a church for material benifits. The first man to suffer from this materialism is Vattasrry metran himself. His book has been modified by these people (Madopadesa Sarangal). So better pray for this group rather listening to their idiotic comments. All actions of MOC can be predicted  . Check the prophecy of Mor Kuiakose Thirumeni about  bringing Dalailama. 
        Paul Alias
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