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Ahmedabad Parish bid Farewell to Padmashri Johnsir

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  • Varugese C J
    Dear All, The St. Mary s Jacobite Syrian Church, Ahmedabad bid farewell to Padmashri Dr. P.I. John, Pukadiyil on 11-11-12 (Sunday). Padmashri Johnsir is one of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2012
    Dear All,

    The St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church, Ahmedabad bid farewell to Padmashri
    Dr. P.I. John, Pukadiyil on 11-11-12 (Sunday).

    Padmashri Johnsir is one of the founder member of the Ahmedabad Parish. Dr.
    John and few Jacobite friends supported Dr. Iype Pukadiyil to establish a
    small congregation in Ahmedabad in late 1970s.

    He was with Institute of Plasma Research (IPR), Ahmedabad, one of the
    prestigious National Research Laboratories of India at Ahmedabad. He was
    first a Scientist, then rose to its Directorship, and after superannuation
    he was made Scientist Emiretus and thereafter as Senior Consultant with
    IPR. GOI recognized his contribution in the field of Plasma Research by
    bestowing Padmashri few years back. Dr. John is the first receipient of
    Padmashri in our Church, and our Church organized a felicitation function
    in his honour in Alwaye presided by HB Thomas-I Bavathirumeni. Dr. John
    hails from the Pukadiyil family of Kottayam. It is apt to remember late
    Ittoop Writer from Pukadiyil family the first ever Malankara Church

    Speaking on the occasion, our Vicar Rev. Fr. John Mathai and lot more among
    the laymen praised Dr. John for his pious, humble and helping nature. Over
    and above all his fame as a Scientist, Dr. John is a poet and artist. Dr.
    John and Family is settling back in Kerala. We wish JOHNSIR and HIS FAMILY
    a peaceful settled life at his native place.

    *Brief History*: Ahmedabad Parish has in its credit another milestone. LL
    HB Paulose II Catholica Bava started HB's All India tour by visiting
    Ahmedabad and thus a congregation was started with the leadership of late
    Dr. Iype Pukadiyil and few others including Johnsir. Though this
    congregation has completed 35 years or more, the non-cooperation from lot
    of Jacobite families in Ahmedabad, could not grew like in other cities. We
    assume that there are more than 100 Jacobite families in Ahmedabad,
    majority of them are with IOC, others are either in Catholic or Marthoma
    Church. Only two dozens family's vigour and devotion is the only source in
    maintaining this small Parish. We are planning to raise a regular source of
    income by converting our present Parsonage into a transit accommodation
    with two studio apartments for the visiting Jacobites, in addition to a
    full fledged parsonage for our Vicar. We hope Almighty's GRACE will help us
    in fulfilling our wish to make this project a grand success. We solicit
    your prayers for this projects successful completion.

    With prayers,
    C.J. Varughese, Ahmedabad
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