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Malankara World Journal Issue 108 Theme: Advent and Hope (Nov 15, 2012)

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  • Dr. Jacob Mathew
    The Malankara World Journal Issue 108 Theme: Advent and Hope - Waiting For The Savior (Nov 15, 2012) is available online at:
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      The Malankara World Journal Issue 108 Theme: Advent and Hope - Waiting
      For The Savior (Nov 15, 2012) is available online at:


      *Table of Contents Issue No: 108; Theme: Advent and Hope - Waiting For The Savior*

      1. News Update From Jazirah Archdiocese, Syria by Archbishop Mor
      Eustathius Matta Roham

      There is a great fear among families of different communities about
      their future. People are so much afraid of a real war, which might
      happen at any time between Turkey and Syria, because of the Turkish
      clear interference in the Syrian crises. This war could lead other
      counties into regional war. People are so much worried about their
      children, women and properties. Many of them are getting themselves
      ready to immigrate to Europe and to other safe neighboring countries. It
      is very difficult to say what could happen tomorrow. All we need now is
      your prayers for peace, and your support to end this evil fighting.

      2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (Nov 18)

      Annunciation to Zachariah

      3. Sermons for This Sunday (Nov 18)

      Sermons for the Annunciation to Zachariah


      4. Inspiration for Today

      5. Featured: Zechariah and Elizabeth: Facing Dead Hopes

      From Zechariah and Elizabeth we can learn what God's faithfulness means
      when our hopes die. ...In the Christian year, Advent is the start of the
      year. It lays the foundation for everything else that is going to happen
      in the year. So all the promises of God, all the mighty acts of God are
      still in the future. It's the start of our hopes. And so since that is
      the real meaning of what we should be doing in Advent, I would like to
      challenge you to face some of these hopes, some of these struggles that
      are in your life. Take some time and think about if all the stops were
      off, if God could do whatever you want in your life, whatever kind of
      growth or development, if all the stops were pulled out, what would it
      be? ...

      6. Advent: Hope of a Savior

      God is your father,
      And his promise is the same yesterday today and forever.

      Do not fear what the world can do to you.
      Do not listen to the financial naysayer
      For in the midst of it,
      God will bring to you.
      A new depth of Glory and Understanding.
      Every prayer is heard.
      Every tear is registered in heaven,
      In the best of times and in the worst of times,
      God will answer in his most effective way. ...

      7. Hymn - The Great Forerunner of the Morn

      8. Redefining the Virtue of Hope

      Real hope - biblical hope - isn't hope for; it's hope in: Hope in Christ
      - what He did for us on the Cross; and what He will do for us when He
      comes again and sets up His kingdom. A hope for is never better than
      wishful thinking. Hope in Christ is an expectation based on the
      certainty of who Jesus is and what He accomplished. ...

      9. The Fulfillment of God's Promise

      What are you doing with the conditional promises of God? Are you
      refusing to keep the condition of the promise? Or have you simply just
      given up? ..

      10. Trust His Timing

      One thing I've learned is that God doesn't always work on our time
      table. In fact, He rarely does. But, in a single moment, God can change
      your life! All throughout scripture, we see examples of how God was
      working behind the scenes and instantly turned things around for His
      people. ...

      11. Health: Physician Touts 5 Hidden Benefits of Exercise

      Exercise is not just for weight control anymore. It has a far reaching
      effects on your system from clearer skin to stronger immune system. ...

      12. Recipe: Left-Over Turkey Recipes

      Here are some delicious dishes you can make with the left over Turkey
      from Thanksgiving. ...

      13. Family: Marriage - Don't Hope...Decide

      Michael Hargrove tells about a scene at an airport that literally
      changed his life. ...

      14. Hope Turkey Does Not Mean to Go Into a Real Direct War With Syria by
      Archbishop Mor Eustathius Matta Roham

      15. About Malankara World


      Read all the articles and features in this week's Malankara World
      Journal online at:


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