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  • Dr. Leena Mathew
    THE TRUE FAITH OF PARUMALA THIRUMENI When I was in India during one of my vacations, I heard the slogan - Parumala Thirumeni, Ambassador (Vaktavu) of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2012

      When I was in India during one of my vacations, I heard the slogan - Parumala Thirumeni, Ambassador (Vaktavu) of the throne of Catholicose, pray for us� from several people taking part in processions. It was the time of the Saint's Dukhrono. During my travel on road through the heart of central Travancore, I came across several processions of laities lead by Priests on their way to Parumala. The same vociferous slogan was heard frequently from various mouths. I was really shocked to hear this. Was our late Saint ever an ambassador of the throne of Catholicose and spokesman of separatism in Malankara Church? It is really a food for thought. As we are preparing for his dukrono this is the apt time to think about our saint. Our Saint Parumala Thirumeni's life time was not that far long ago. Everyone knows his life history very well. He never ever was a spokesman of separatism in the Malankara Church, rather an ardent supporter of Antiochan Syrian Orthodox Patriarch and his Throne. Now let us see few points which support my view point:

      Parumala Thirumani's Life Period is from 1848 to 1902. Parumala Thirumeni passed away on November 3, 1902. Late Vattaseril Mar Dionysius was elevated as Malankara Metran with the name as Mar Dionysius Geevarghese VI on 1909. This was 7 years after the demise of Parumala Thirumeni. This Mar Dionysius Geevarghese VI was the brain behind division of our Church. He along with his few associates sowed the seeds of separatism for their “vested interest” and eventually divided our Church in to two on 1912. Perumala Thirumeni never even thought of this separatism. Even the very philosophy of separatism had its genesis 7 years after the demise of Parumala Thirumeni.

      Now let us see the Solemn Religious Oath taken by Parumala Thirumeni during the time he was consecrated as Metrapolitan on 1876. If we carefully study this Oath we can understand how much he loved and respected our Holy Antiochian Syrian Orthodox Church. This registered Deed executed by the St. Mar Gregorius of Parumala and submitted before Patriarch H.H.Moran Mar Ignatius Peter III on Vrischikom 1052 ME (1876):

      In the name of the Father and the Son and the H. Ghost the One true God, I, the humble and sinful Chathuruthil Geevarghese Dayaroyo, by profession priest, of Mulanthuruthy village, Kanayannoor Pravarthy of Cochin-Kanayannoor, Kovilakathu Vathukal, now residing in the East Church, Parur, write and submit this Udampadi, most faithfully, whole heartedly, with joy and with satisfaction.

      (1) I do promise, in the presence of the living God Almighty and before Angels and before this Madbaha, which is the Holy of Holies of the mysteries of God and before His Holiness Moran Mar Ignatius Patriarch, who is the High- priest of God and our Blessed Father, who is reigning on the Apostolic Throne of Antioch, the most ancient, and the Supreme Head of Syrians in the four parts of the world and of the East and of India and Malayalam (Malankara).

      (2)May the Lord grant Your Holiness long life and preserve Your Blessedness.

      (3) Before these priests of true faith and all castes and the honorable British, Travancore and Cochin Governments, I do promise, as seen below.

      (4) I, the humble, proclaim the mysteries of our faith. Again, I believe and confess before God that I do accept and honor the Holy Fathers who have preached to and taught us the true Orthodox Faith, standing firm on the faith of the Three Holy Synods and on the Holy faith of all the Prophets and the Holy Apostles.

      (5) Finally I do accept the twelve Apostles, the disciples of our Lord and the four Evangelists, Mathai, Markose, Lukose and Yohannan, and the blessed Apostle, the architect of the H. Church.

      (6) I accept Mar Ignatius Noorono, Dionysius, Athanasius, Julios, Kurilose, Baselius, Gregorius, Dioscoros, Severios, Thimotheos, Philoxenos, Antimos, Mar Barsowma the lofty one among the elect, all the Malpans in the holy Church, who were , and those who may come , like them. I am always duty bound to submit obedience always as is due to the High-priesthood of H.H. Moran Ignatius Peter III Patriarch of high esteem, reigning on the Apostolic Throne of Antioch as the most ancient Syrian Patriarch and of all the East comprising India and Malayalam, and to be faithful to the H. faith. I do always obey your Holiness Orders and accept your commandments. From your Holiness’ words, from the decrees of the Canons, and the set ordinances, and usages, I will never depart in the least or gravely- to the right or to the left. I do perfectly submit that this promise of mine is similar to the promise of our Father Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

      (7)It is written, freely you received freely you give. I will ordain only those who are canonically qualified for priesthood and will never ordain anyone accepting any reward, nor would I ordain one who had not completed 30 years of age, nor would I appoint unmarried priests for parishes, nor would I accept or sanction or agree to be accepted, nor would I contrive or prompt others to accept as priests those who have married widows and those priests who, after their ordination, enter in wedlock. I would ordain only those who present themselves with Yogakuri (agreement signed by the pashisioners) true, lawful and without deceit and guile and that too only after further investigation and test. I would never accept nor agree nor sanction to accept and associate with, anyone who had been accursed or dispelled by Their Holinesses the Patriarchs of Antioch. I would never be partial nor would I ordain priests, outside the jurisdiction, which from time to time might be entrusted to me, nor would I accept in my jurisdiction anyone from another jurisdiction without due enquiry in the Churches under my jurisdiction, and might be accepted only if it is found to be according to law, order and circumstance, and in the case of those who are not accepted, none of their spiritual or religious needs would be attended to, nor sanction the same. I would suffer all hardships and persecutions and sorrows that might come to me from other denominations. If by His Holiness the Patriarch of Antioch I am ordered to go to or to arrive at any place at any time, I would not refrain from going or arriving at the place even disregarding my feebleness and weakness on account of sickness or old age – I would never do anything for which I am not empowered by the priestly dignity I have received or might receive hereafter, or do anything objected to and disallowed – such as one Bishop consecrating another Bishop and such other things and again, I would never, never act or cause to act contrary to the decrees, laws and canons, specified in this Udampadi. And if I act in contravention, - all those who act and all who accept and receive them shall be accursed, and anathematized. I fully believe that I too from that moment would become as one of them. I believe that the anger of God came upon Korah, Dathan and Abiram, and their fellowmen, 250 priests who offered incense in enmity to Moses, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them. May God keep me aloof from acting like them.

      (8)I, the humble one, would never, at any time act in contravention to the decrees, laws and canons, specified in this Udampadi and also other canon, decrees and laws and so many other decrees, observances and rules which are deemed as canon, decrees of the Jacobite Syrians, which also should have been mentioned here but not specifically recorded fearing the length of this deed. Again, I would never do anything either publicly or secret against any Pontifical Order that emanates from your Holiness’ successors and would neither act nor cause to act, speak nor prompt others to speak nor assist directly or indirectly, nor do I agree or make others to work against those Pontifical Orders. Never would I spoil them nor break them nor stand against them, nor would I join any other faith other than that of Jacobite Syrians, nor do anything contrary to the traditions of the Syrian Church nor receive (other ones) and I would never believe in any faith which is not in conformity with the faith of the three H. Synods. If I believe anything else, as Satan and Cain were cursed by God, I too will be accursed by the mouth of God and by the mouths of St. Peter the Head of Apostles of our Lord, and by the mouth of St. Ignatius Noorono and by those of the Holy Fathers and Malpans breather on by the H. Spirit, who were assembled in the 3 Holy Synods, and by the mouth of His Holiness the exalted Moran Mar Ignatius Patriarch, who is equal in authority to St. Peter the Apostle and by the mouths of all High Priests who for ever become successors to your Holiness on the Apostolic Throne of Antioch. And in addition, I will become one who is separated from the Holy Church of God expelled and banished from the Communion of the Holy Mysteries and from the spiritual graces and positions I have received and become one deprived of the white Robe of High-priesthood, and may the anger of God b on me.

      (9)As is recorded in the Evangelion- whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven so that the judgment might be true – I will be liable to be judged, deposed and cursed by your Holiness by virtue of the authority granted to your Holiness by God, and if I change or alter anything from this Udampady which I have with my own will and without compulsion executed and submitted before your Holiness, and if I retract from any of the aforesaid promises, it is lawful for your Holiness to expel me from all Churches and to publish that I am a liar, so that nobody might believe me. If and when either your Holiness or those Holy Fathers who succeed your Holiness on the Throne, does as cited above, this Udampadi shall be received back remitting Rs.2550/

      (10)I pray to the mercy of God and our Lord Jesus Christ to help me and strengthen me by divine grace to fulfill truly my promise, I have made and to render me grace to meet our Lord with joyful face when He comes to judge the quick and the dead and to reward each, according to his works, good or evil. I pray that, I may not be counted with the liars but only with the true.

      (11) I do confess before God and before His Holy Altar that, the Holy Angels and the living Cross, and the worshipful Evangelion, and this assembly of clergy and revered laymen are witnesses to my promise. Amen- Barekmor al Subkomo (bless my Lord, for forgiveness) (1876) ( Vrischikom 27, 1052)

      Witness-Variath Geevarghese Kathanar, residing in the East Church Parur- from Edapally Kulangara of Machathuruthi Muri, Vadakekkara (Sd.)
      Do. Angadi, Muttathottil Kumari Poulo Varieth (Sd.)
      Written in their presence. Geevarghese Dayaroyo (Sd.)
      Fees-Fanam, 35. Residence fees; Fanam 49
      Copied by clerk Viswanath Iyer (Sd.)
      Compared and examined by Mogu Velupilla (Sd.)
      Registrar Padmanabha Ayer (Sd.)

      If we carefully read the above mentioned Oath of Parumala Thirumeni, especially Point Nos. 1, 4, 6, 7 and 8, we can understand how much Parumala Thirumeni was loyal to Antiochan Syrian Orthodox Church (Jacobite Church).

      Parumala Thirumeni had registered the complete Parumala Pally and its property in the name of the Antiochan Syrian Orthodox Patriarch. (There is record and proof for this. Even this was published in Malayala Manorama Daily.)

      When this is the fact, my advice to the poor laities strolling in the roads, blindly repeating the slogans of their priests, without knowing the facts. Please read the life history (real) of our Saint Parumala Thirumeni, then you will do away from all these enmities and embrace your Mother Church wholeheartedly�.

      Now let us see what our Lord Jesus Christ said in the Holy Bible in Mathew 7:21 Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of My Father Who is in Heaven.�

      Let us visualize what our Saint Perumala Thirumeni's soul is saying Those who are simply chanting my name or holding my photos are not my children, but those who follow and respect my belief are my children�.

      With Prayers,
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