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Kuwait, St. George Universal Syrian Orthodox Reesh Church.

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  • Shinu Jesus Abraham
    If there is Heaven on Earth, it was here, it was here, it was here. Greetings to all It was the most memorable and unbelievable 4 days of Grace what the
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 2, 2012
      If there is Heaven on Earth, it was here, it was here, it was here.

      Greetings to all

      It was the most memorable and unbelievable 4 days of Grace what the children of Syrian Orthodox church in Kuwait had gone through from September 27th to September 30th of 2012.

      It was with great fear and doubts about our own ability and to manage, we the members of the St. George Universal Syrian Orthodox Reesh Church requested our Moran almost 3 years back of our wish to welcome Him to this land. We were overjoyed to know from our Patriarchal Vicar about the blessed Holy Apostolic visit on the occasion of the 40th Parish day celebrations in September 2012 of H.H. Moran Mor Ignatius Zaka Iwas I, the Patriarch of Antioch & all the East. We were further delighted to have Catholicose H B Baselios Thomas I along with a number of Metropolitans agreeing to join the historic moments.

      As the moment came we were faced with numerous obstacles and were wondering how small parish like ours with no great personality to lead or direct who had expertise in organizing such a program of this magnitude in a very orthodox Islamic nation. With our Aboon and Beatitude coming in early, the vision got wider by the hour.

      But to everybody's absolute surprise everything started falling in place the moment the SAINTLY father touched the soil of Kuwait on 27th morning. We all were stunned that each door got opened in front of us at the right time and each moment and function went smoother than we all imagined and were a real grand success. It was unbelievable the love and affection Moran had showed with his children and made sure one and all were happy and blessed though Moran's health was not in prime at this age.

      The memorable events included

      1.Welcoming of Moran and Aboon with 5 metropolitans to our church on 27th evening.

      2.Holy Qurbana attended by over 3000 on 28th morning

      3.Public celebration of the 32nd anniversary of Patriarchal Enthronement, 40th parish anniversary & 25th MBYA anniversary, felicitated by Sheika Fariha from the Kuwait Ruling family, 5 ambassadors of various countries, 2 cabinet ministers and MLA of kerala assembly, a multitude of religious leaders from oriental orthodox and other Christian denominations.

      4.A visit to the Amiri Palace & paying respects to H.E. the Crown Prince of Kuwait on 30th Sept.

      It was with great Joy and Pride we the SYRIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH MEMBERS could see off our Moran & Aboon from this land on 30th September. Our Lord had been so kind to the parishioners and the intersession of our Patron & all the Saints had always been a towering fort and consolation to us at the time of need. May Lord bless our whole church much more through the Great Moran and Aboon.

      Anthyokya Malankara Bandham- Neenaal Vazhattee.

      Shinu Jesus Abraham
      Member # 2908
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