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Re: Christianity and Kerala Vasthu

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  • Rajan Varghese
    Dear Sh Baiju P ChackoThis is in response to your posting on 21-09-2012. I also cannot accept your statement. I have never stated that the modern engineering,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2012
      Dear Sh Baiju P ChackoThis is in response to your posting on 21-09-2012.

      I also cannot accept your statement. I have never stated that the modern engineering, science and technology are wrong and only vasthu is correct. It is like looking at half filled glass of water. One can say and argue that it is half empty and the other one can claim that it is half full. It is up to you to look at it and to take a decision.
      I think you must have referred some local books related to vatu sastra which may be misguiding you. There are number of (Kerala Govt approved) books available in the market which is written by qualified Civil Engineers or Architects. These books also has mention about the points such as purpose of building/Nature of land incl. soil/ stability of structure/Ventilations /access of plot/ cost etc
      When do the Civil Engineering and Architectural courses take birth in India? Britishers started Civil Engg courses for construction bridges for their Defense Purpose. Think beyond that period and compare with the present and the latest building code ECBC.

      In civil Engineering and Architectural courses, there are always references of many important old structures and buildings which was built without the support of Civil Engineers or Architects. These references are made for enhancing knowledge.  There is no mention about so called word called ‘Vasthu” but it is a science of construction based on Indian Tradition.  The five basic elements of Vastu is Earth, air, fire, space and water. Can we live without understanding the importance of these basic elements?
      Being a Christian one need not follow the so called Vastu Vidya blindly. After ‘screening’ One can always accept ‘good things’. In architecture, sizing is very important. Just experience a travel with side berth allotted to you in a 3-Tier coach of a train and a 1-st class coaches. Or compare the comfort of a bed room size of 8feetx8feet and that of a 15feetx11feet.

      Kasheesho (Dr) Bennet Kuriakose’s view is correct. Most of the definitions or interpretations in Vastu sastra is based on superstitions or need not be considered for the use in the modern period. Whereas in many ways the vastu vidya/ sastra is useful for preserving our Nature and our health and ensuring a eco- friendly life style. Regarding the lying down of Vastu purusha, as I understand it is only a pictorial representation of directions when there was no print media was available.

      By wearing a “mundu’ one will not become a Hindu or by wearing ‘Pant’ one will not become a European. Similarly, one who adopts the vastu as sastra cannot be termed as worshiping of Hindu Devtas or Demons. Arab's dress is similar to that of our priest’s vestments. Are our priests are Arabs/Muslims???

      It is mentioned in the vastu vidya, if you cut one tree, it should be compensated (prayachitam) by planting two trees at a different location. But as a Christian we need not follow the procedures for ‘prayachittam’ by making poojas for pleasing demons or Devatas but we can compensate by planting more trees. While giving clearance by MOEF for use of forest land for industrial purpose, MOEF insists for acquiring alternate non forest land (double the size) and plant trees as compensation. Is it a stupidity (as you mentioned in last para) or it is a need of the present period?

      As mentioned by Dr Bennet Kuriakose, there is technology available for using marshy land for construction of houses/building.  Using marshy/waterlogged land is a crime because we are destroying our natural resources which are a gift from GOD for our safe existence in this world. Use of nuclear Power is a modern technology. Why people are objecting Kudamkulam Project and what happened in Japan during Tsunami? There are always advantages and disadvantages in technologies also. The decision is left with the user.

      I agree, the procedures stipulated in Vastu sastra are not taught in the Engineering Colleges and IT IS NOT A PART OF STUDIES IN CIVIL ENGINNERING OR ARCHITECTURAL COURSES. But there are numerous guidelines which are beneficial to both Engineers and Architects.
      In vastu vidya there is a mention about ‘Pisacha Veedhi’ ( path of demons/satans). This Pisacha veedhi is meant for leaving adequate space around the house for proper air circulation or proper ventilation. So called pisachu or demons are not going to use this veedhi!!!.

      If we leave open space around the house for the movement of Demons, it is a stupidity. If it is for proper ventilation purpose, then it can be called as building technology. It is upto you to consider it as a Demon’s path or space for proper ventilation.
      With regards

      Rajan Varghese
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