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  • thomas_pa1@yahoo.com
    ... Prophets are ... shown ... they ... they see ... may be ... increase ... Poverty stuck India!! Is that the general image you Western/ Middle-Eastern
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 15, 2001
      --- In SOCM-FORUM@y..., "Daniel Thomas" <daniel_reji@h...> wrote:
      > Dear Members
      > I am loyal to Holy throne of Antioch for above reasons. Syrian
      Prophets are
      > no doubt trustworthy and through sacrifice & Christ's love they have
      > us by coming to poverty stuck India from Land of MILK and HONEY, and
      > have seen footsteps of Christ, we believe by seeing some of us, but
      they see
      > all Biblical sites daily hence their faith should be little more,
      may be
      > that's why Parumala Thirumeni asked us to visit these sites to
      > faith at least by seeing.

      Poverty stuck India!! Is that the general image you Western/
      Middle-Eastern Semitic people have about India??

      By the immense blessing of God, India from ancient times was
      a land rich in MILK, honey and spices. Middle eastern merchants
      came from their arrid lands to take these from India. Cows are
      abundant in India. Almost every home (including Christians)
      owns atleast one cow. How many Syrians owns a cow? or do they
      drink camel milk?? We consider it a blessing that we have
      enough food in our land (infact excess wheat and milk).

      Please don't get too emotional. No Eastern Orthodox Church or
      Oriental Orthodox (except the Syriac Orthodox which removed
      itself from Oriental Orthodox communion because of communion
      with Roman Catholics based on Petrine Supremacy theory) believes
      in Petrine Supremacy. In ancient writings the name of
      Syrian Patriarch is second only to that of Coptic Patriarch
      of Alexandria (the great defenders of Orthodox faith). The
      Syrian Church got the Orthodox faith from Alexandria. St. Jacob
      Burdana was ordained by an Alexandrian Patriarch. Thus the
      broken lineage of Anthioc was reinstated. Armenian Church
      was founded by St. Andrew, The Church of Constantinople was
      founded by St. Barthalomew. Similarly the Coptic Church
      was founded by St. Mark. All of these are true Christians
      acts. Their is no ethnic pride or arguments of Superiority
      here. Only the Syrian Church following Roman Catholic line
      of thinking preaches these false teachings against ignorant
      Indian Christians. This is NOT Christian in any way!

      Regarding liturgy, it is not proprietary intellectual property
      of a Church. Only the highly racial and ethnic "modern" Syrian
      church believes in this un-Christian way. The Ethiopian Liturgy
      is from the Alexandrian Coptic Church. Yet the Patriarchs of
      Alexandria does not claim any intellectual superiority over

      > 1000s martyrs of Syrian church are there
      in Syria
      > died for their belief, can U show me 1 malayali Malankara Orthodox
      priest a
      > martyr, NEVER U will find. Then why should I join subversion against
      > Throne Of Antioch. What Malankara bishop's party has its own apart
      from what
      > it has acquired from Patriarchs, not even 1 Prayer or saint or
      priestly name
      > or dress. Slight differences are deliberately made now.

      The dress used by Syrian bishops originates from Alexandria.
      The head cover with 13 crosses it was traditionally used by
      Egyptian dessert fathers. Ancient Syrian attire was more close
      to modern Assyrian attire. Observe the Icons/image of St. Issac the
      Syrian, Canayi Thoma etc.

      Can you answer who murdered the secretary of Vattasheril Thirumeni?
      Please don't pretent to be clean people. Is is not very difficult
      to understand the desire of bishop Divannasios and the people
      who support him. Please be realistic. There is no need to give
      any importance to Syrian Patriarch because he is not Orthodox.
      Instead, follow the path of the Alexandrian Patriarch. This is
      an advice to you as a Malankara brother belonging to the same

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