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  • Dn. Monsy Manimalethu Jacob
    ASSUMPTION; ASCENTION; TRANSLATION OR DEPARTURE (VANGIPPU) I do not know. I have come across teachings that theotokos was taken in to heaven by her Son as she
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2012

      I do not know. I have come across teachings that theotokos was taken in to heaven by her Son as she was consecrated by angel Gabriel at the time of annunciation. The engulfing of the Holly Trinity followed immediately. She was engulfed by the power of the most High; and conceived by the Holy Spirit.

      St. Ephraim is usually quoted; where he says Thou, and thy Mother are alone in this. You are wholly beautiful in every respect. There is in Thee, Lord, no stain, nor any spot in Thy mother�. We know that her parents were Hannah and Joachim. So, the spots were cleaned for the engulfment of the Holy Trinity.

      In our prayers for the soonoyo (departure) we proclaim that all the apostles were present for her burial. We say that the burial service was under the leadership of St. John; with whom she lived. We say that her vault was sealed by John.

      In every festivals of our mother of God we read Mark 3; 31-35. Then Jesus mother and brothers arrived. Standing outside, they sent someone in to call him. A crowd was sitting around him, and they told him, Your mother and brothers are outside looking for you. Who are my mother and my brothers? he asked.Then he looked at those seated in a circle around him and said, Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and mother. In kanyakamariyam oru pdanam�, Mor Paulose Gregorius asserts that the motherhood is just not physical relationship but spiritual. He obeyed the commandments and the message from God, she lowered herself and prayed with vigil even after she was betrothed to Joseph for the arrival of messiah, and offered herself for it; as we sing jagarane-mariyam ninnum-kondu�. Mathew 2:19:- But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Mor Gregorius also quotes Luke 11; 27-28:- As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you. He replied, Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.

      Again I find Mary in vigil to receive the Holy Spirit along with the disciples in the upper room during Pentecost. When we are baptized; the celebrant says that we became a brother/sister of Lord Jesus Christ. In the early church history; which is the acts of the holy apostles� I do not find any intervention of our mother of God; even when the church went through persecutions and tribulations. Mary's role was like John's (Baptist) He shall increase and I shall decrease. Even in Cana, she says do what He tells you to do. The prayers of the feast of Cana are note worthy; where we say that it was Jesus who emptied their wine.

      In the thubdain we say that it was St. Severius the crown of the Syrians who said Mary was undoubtedly the God bearer in early 6th century. This was against the teaching of Nestorius who was the patriarch of Constantinople in the 5th century. Skeptics may ask; Why the works of Mary are not recorded in any of the writings of the early Christians.

      Some talk about mor Dionysius the arioppagate who said Mary went to heaven. Others say that this Dionysius himself was only pseudo and He has nothing to do with the Dinysius who was a leader in Arioppaggus listening to Apostle Paul.

      Jesus says that nobody has ever seen the Father other than the Son. I assume that heaven is where we have communion with God the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit; which we will have after judgement. We sing that The Son will serve us in the banquet hosted by God the Father. “thathaniruthum-mesakkai-parikarmikkum suthan; ngnam-paninga gehathilullore thinnu-kudikku-nnaharam-ithu-than� This is the food we will eat in the house built by the wisdom (holy Spirit). Some say that Enoch was taken to heaven and Moses was also taken. Some say that it is not the real heaven because of the statement of Jesus. When I talk to Hebrew scientists at my workplace, they say that Moses body was taken away because God knew that they would worship his body. These people quote the story of the bronze serpent which was worshiped by the Israelites for another 450 years. They also say that at the time of Jeremiah, it was not only the Jerusalem temple that had the idols of Asherah but all the homes of Israelites had them. In current excavations they determine whether the house belonged to an Israelite is by finding an idol of Asherah. It is noteworthy tolook at the image of ISIS� in the Paris museum. Images of Isis and Horus� are more intriguing.

      Collyridianism was a heretical cult that existed in the 4th century. The collyridains worshiped Mary. They could not think about a son without a mother. They believed virgin Mary is the de-facto wife of God the Father. They worshiped her as a goddess and offered sacrificial bread for her. Their arguments were suppressed by the saint Epiphanius.

      When I went through Catherine and Bernadette; I got more confused. In the 21st century I read about Pentecostal saints going and coming back from heaven and some of them go and come back from hell and heaven. They talk about the marvel of heaven and the treachery of hell; how different punishments for different sins. May be soon we will get some video clippings of heaven and hell. Jesus my Lord; when talked about the rich man and Lazarus said a different story. Abraham was not conceding to the request of the rich man to go down to earth and preach to his brothers; Abraham would not let even Lazarus go and preach. I see people going to heaven and coming back saying that the time is not done yet. I do not know. May be there is time management problems up there.

      Once late lamented Climis thirumeny of blessed memory told me; Chemmacha! Mathavu is Daiva-Presavithry� The one who was given birth by Mother is God. She is DAIVA-PRESSAVITHRY�. If we add anything or subtract anything to it; it could get dangerous and toxic. He ordained me as a full deacon a decade and a half ago. I stick with him until disproved or may be until I get more ordinations? I do not know?

      Dn. Monsy Manimalethu Jacob
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