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Malankara World Journal Issue 89 (Aug 9) is available online

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  • Dr. Jacob Mathew
    The Malankara World Journal Issue 89 (Aug 9, 2012) is available online at: http://www.MalankaraWorld.com/Newsletter/MWNews_89.htm *Table of Contents Issue No:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2012
      The Malankara World Journal Issue 89 (Aug 9, 2012) is available online at:


      *Table of Contents Issue No: 89
      1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (Aug 12)

      First Sunday after Transfiguration

      2. Sermons for This Sunday (Aug 12)


      3. Inspiration for Today

      Keep yourselves in the love of God. ...

      4. Featured: When God Stands

      God is saying, "I will never change. Do you remember what I was like for
      your grandfather? Do you remember how I proved Myself true? I'm still
      just like that. And think about your father Isaac and My faithfulness to
      him. I haven't changed." Hebrews 13:8 says, "Jesus Christ is the same
      yesterday and today and forever." He never changes. And God hasn't
      changed in His thoughts toward you. He stands ready to participate in
      His relationship with you in ways you can hardly imagine! ...

      5. St. Ephrem - Wisdom for All Ages

      Ephrem's deep study of Scripture inspired him to employ his gift for
      language by writing countless poems, hymns, and homilies for God's
      glory. Unlike most writers, he never seemed to be at a loss for words.
      Bishop Gregory of Nyssa, a contemporary of Ephrem's, joked that if you
      needed a cure for writer's block, you should just ask Ephrem for an idea
      he already "prayed away." ...

      6. On the Mountain Top, In the Valley

      On the mountain, we encounter almighty God; in the valley, there is an
      encounter with the demonic. On the mountain we encounter our faith's
      heritage; in the valley, we encounter those who consider questions of
      faith as occasions for battle. ...

      7. Church Authority To Forgive Sins

      Our "private sins" are the church's business, and her judgments, when
      they conform to Scripture, are divinely authorized. We see this in
      today's passage as Jesus in Matthew 18:18--19 gives to the apostles
      primarily, and the church derivatively, the keys of the kingdom first
      given to Peter (see Matt. 16:18--19; John 20:19--23). ...

      8. The Submission of the Believer

      Our Lord never insists on having authority over us. He never says, 'You
      will submit to me.' No, He leaves us perfectly free to choose--- so
      free, in fact, that we can spit in His face or we can put Him to death,
      as others have done; and yet He will never say a word. But once His life
      has been created in me through His redemption, I instantly recognize His
      right to absolute authority over me. ...

      9. Criticism Hurts

      Criticism hurts. No matter who you are, how many people are encouraging
      you, and how happy you felt before you got "that call" or "that email,"
      one drop of critical yuck spreads fast and furious. ...

      10. Health: Vitamin D For Weight Loss?

      A study published in the Journal of Women's Health found that elderly
      women with low vitamin D may be prone to weight gain when compared to
      women with sufficient D levels. ...

      11. Recipe: Cinnamon Peach Soup

      12. Family Special: Pure Intimacy in Marriage

      Romance is certainly not the foundation of marriage, but it sure makes
      the relationship warm and secure. At times it's the best way to say, "I
      really love you." In order for romance to flow most freely, however, a
      husband and wife must be committed to putting God first. And that
      includes praying together as a couple. ...

      13. Cooperation or Competition

      The three things that I wish I'd learned earlier are - cooperation works
      better than competition, the world is full of friends I might not have
      met yet, and people actually love to help other people. ...

      14. Humor: Computer Technical Support

      15. About Malankara World


      Read all the articles and features in this week's Malankara World
      Journal online at:


      Thank you for your support and help.

      In HIS Service

      Dr. Jacob Mathew
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