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Veneration of the Saints : a simple approch but for a serious thought..

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  • Mathew G Daniel Nedumkandathil
    You are the Light of the World : Mat:5:12 A lot of people even members of Apostolic churches asks about the veneration of saints, as we are passing through
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2012
      You are the Light of the World : Mat:5:12

      A lot of people even members of Apostolic churches asks about the veneration of saints, as we are passing through Festival if Tabernacle as well as the Holy assumption of Mother Mary.

      A feast of course is the commemoration of an incident or happening befallen at a past time and got recorded in the history. How does a deed become a part of history ? The answer is simple but not as simple as we think. Because, unpredictable sufferings marked the ways of those acts which wrote it with a nonperishable pen and inerasable ink, which is preserved in the heart of generations and keeps any living things alive.

      What is special about a saint when we all are same as him in appearance. Let us examine this :

      When some one say good morning to me I feel something very different, it reminds me of an action that has taken place before 6000 years,
      God created the first morning at that time, where there were no light but only darkness everywhere. As the creator our heavenly Father Say, " Let there be Light " in a fraction of a second (which was not then, which won't be there also in our after death life), light was there.
      Of course that was the first creation of the Lord, Light that conquered darkness and that was the First day of the Creation. If someone asks us how light was created we would say by the word of God. Here comes the significance of good morning, if the morning is created by the Word, the one who speaks and the one who hears and respond is the creation of the Holy Hands of the Creator who created light with four words.

      Now think if the light which is the creation by word is important to me how far more we are important in His sight??? That too when we are created in his own shape and resemblance, that is our specialty we resemble him, who has created light by Word and surprisingly he is LIGHT HIMSELF..

      Light when passes through a spectrum gets separates into seven colours which we abbreviates as VIBGYOR. In short seven colours unites to form a ray of light which drives away darkness, the symbol of death.

      Now we come to an important theosophy, that is death could be driven away with God. In theosophy the seven colours represents something. See Ishaya 11:1 Jesus is predicted here, who shall be a union of The Seven Spirits of God. These seven spirits are gifted as a boon to child during the Holy Baptism. Those who are blessed with the Holy Spirit are away from the powers of darkness and death, who represents light upon the earth.

      In John 9 Verse 5, He said I shall be the light of the world as long as I am in the world. So what will happen once he is not the world. He answered it in Mat 5:12, you are the light of world. Yes, my brothers and sisters God created us with his own Holy Hand in his resemblance and He wishes us to be the light of the world means persons who drives death and darkness away from the world. We are obliged to do it, which our creator aspires from us.

      When ever we celebrate the feast of a Saint the entire premise becomes a flood of illumination. It is not to attract people, instead it gives a gospel to the next generation that the person whom we honours was the light of the world as it was taught by our Lord and Saviour. His disciples practiced what they learned from the mouth of the Master who has gone to his Father and our Father in the Heaven whom we address as our Father in the Heaven in the Lord's Prayer.

      Now Jesus is not in the world to be its light as he reminds in John 9:5 so we have the obligation to be the light as he declared in Mat:5:12, Now think of the significance of the Procession or Rassa, it seriously reminds us that we are on our pilgrimage to our eternal house and we are only emigrants upon this beautiful earth for a few days, as we move a single step on this soil we must remember that the life on this earth is one step more close to me, even if we don't want to be it so, it is the truth and that truth is the truth of life. So if it is inevitable to leave this earth, we should remember the path that the saints followed in their life they are being adored even after their death for thousands of years. The two hours you walk shall be useful to us to remember the life of Jesus and his disciples, take a U-turn if necessary.

      In short, I always used to meditate on Psalms 116:15 the death of a righteous is valuable to God

      So, my brothers and sisters in Jesus, let this feast shall be turning point in our life let's think of ourselves whether our death is precious to God or notÂ….

      Dearest: We think of what we see, and we act on what we think, our action reveals us. So, let our eyes see only what is good and let our mind think only what is right. And let us be righteous so that we shall be honoured even after our death.

      With love and prayers,
      Yours all,

      Mathew G Daniel Nedumkandathil,
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