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Conspiracy theories: Villas, Plots, unnatural death...

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  • Abraham
    One can easily doubt - the recent ramblings by malam kara Alamaya forum is to divert attention from the inquiry of unnatural death of our brother -
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2012
      One can easily doubt - the recent ramblings by 'malam'kara Alamaya forum is to divert attention from the inquiry of 'unnatural' death of our brother - Mamalassery Kuriakose.

      Link : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SOCM-FORUM/message/23523

      Doubts are many :

      ->Wondering why we are not taking it seriously - Are these
      accusations a tactic to divert the flow
      by focusing Thampu Sir and team who are strongly pursuing the case?

      ->Malankara Syriac Voice reported a stone throwing incident and a
      related 'meeting' of those against our faith around that
      period.Are 'Forum' folks are used as a tool by its handlers
      so that such inquiry may not happen or to prevent this case
      getting into hands of other agencies including CBI.

      ->Investigation of similar kind can cast a shadow on the 'corporate
      governance' policies of public listed companies and this believer
      assumes that our lawyers are checking SEBI guidelines for running
      a Public listed company especially related to its fairness and
      promoting 'religious harmony'.

      ->We got a some thrust in re-claiming our properties like that of
      100 crore worth MVPA Aramana! Who knows we will start our claim for
      Syrian Church in Parumala and Mannuthy Aramana which is long due?

      ->Is it eying Jacobite vote bank for the coming Muvattupuzha
      Parliament election ? Another Perumbavoor story getting a re-make?

      A Malabar newspaper surprisingly got interested and covering 24/7 whatever comes from Forum folks.A Channel started valueing its family bonds/Adv revenues and Forum members are given about 3/4th time for the Politrics video - Just created to insult our BAVA Thirumeni (Sure this Almayas and their handlers must be happy)

      Have a check the TV youtube link!

      Whatever be the case - we need someone to voice and get the 'accident' death of our brother probed properly.We also need our 75 days PrathanaYanjam captured in Media.On all this issues the Forum folks will surely keep their silence just not to irritate its handlers.Its time for our leadership to prepare for a long legal battle to get Justice served in this case.

      This is the NOT THE TIME FOR DEBATE.We need courageous leaders like Thampu Sir to strengthen our BAVA's hands considering there going to be no end to their crooked plans.See what this personality told : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m42oUro8sw
      Those who says 'SIT & TALK' should see this :
      We really require die-hard members of Jacobite Sabha - like him - who are ready even to get into JAIL and fight.This is at a time there are many verdicts and Kothamangalam Church case/Kolencherry in the queue.
      Any wrong selection will make Kothamangalam another Mamalassery.
      We also need our KEFA/Youth find a place in Working committee. This believer prays that the coming association will select a team with long term focus - a RIGHT MIX of talented proven leaders and young blood - to prosper our Sabha to the next level.

      We have a lot to do brothers, many ENVY in our progress.Technically those against our FAITH are losing its ground to other modern Christian sects.In fact their 'income' is getting reduced
      and hence they need more revenue flow, for which they will eye Manarcadu and Kothamangalam.We need to have very better legal cell 24/7 functioning.We need new churches in Southern region.
      We need to reclaim our lost churches outside Kerala..We need KEFA /Youth association building in each districts.We need more colleges,student scholarships,job support for our YOUTH and
      the list is endless.

      We follow Athanasious Thirumeni's words and deeds and committed to uphold the TRUE FAITH our parents taught us.
      Hope no SYRIAN Christians will venture to deviate from that path by destroying our HOLY CHURCH.


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