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The Next Association Meeting - Will it be a replica of last time???

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  • Varkey Titus
    Dear Members,   I had seen the message in this Forum that we are going to convene the Jacobite Association Meeting soon.  In this respect, may I ponder some
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2012
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      Dear Members,
      I had seen the message in this Forum that we are going to convene the Jacobite Association Meeting soon.  In this respect, may I ponder some of my thoughts, for the discussion of our members and leadership.
      1-  First of all, I think the representation to the Association is not correct.  Due to many reasons (Our leadership always give lame reasons of "technical" or "legal"), many jacobite churches outside Kerala and India are not at all represented in the Association meeting. For all other purposes, these churches are counted as a 'Jacobite Church', but when it comes to an Association Meeting, they are OUT from the system!!! 
      2-  What is the criteria we are following for the election of Church officials?  It is seen that once the office bearers are elected (or Selected??), they never think of loosing that position.  This is happening from the parish level to the Association level.  It was heard in the last election of officials in the Association that an "office bearers list" was proposed in the Association meeting by the Church leadership, to continue the previous committee members in their respective positions for a further term, which was accepted by the association members by clapping their hands!!!  Is this a democratic process, what we need to follow?  While I admit that they may have worked diligently for the Church, why others are not given a chance at least to contest in an election?  I think this 'authoritarian' actions from our own leasdership is the root cause of the birth of "Almaya Forum" like groups, which made the Church ridiculed in the society.  Can we set an example this time to have a REAL election process for the Association Officials?? If the present officials wants to continue, let them face the election and contest for their positions. I wish they will show that courage and pray for it.
       3-  The Church was ridiculed in the society by a "Bishop" and his "Almaya Forum" associates.  By releiving them from their present positions, are we now keeping quiet to settle down everything?  Why the report of the much announced enquiry commission is not yet came into light?  We should have completed the enquiry and announced the report in public very fast, if we have nothing to hide.  By delaying the commission's enquiry and publishing this report, we create a sense of suspicion amoung our own members and the public that 'there could be some truth' behind the scam.  "There will not be any smoke, without a fire" is the norm ordinary people like me think!!! As said, "Cezer's wife should be above suspicion"!! 
      4-  Why we need more Bishops?  Let us think. Are we giving right positions to the present Bishops, or they are ordained only for a number game??  Many of our highly talented Bishops are demotivated and kept out from the system as a bye-stander!!!  What justifications can we give for ordaining more Bishops in the future, when we have enough and more Bishops who can be given charge of a diocese or any other proper responsibility!!  Our leadership, working committee and managing committee members should seriously think about this matter. 
      I don't know whether my above thoughts will be branded as an "Anti-Church" ramblings!!!  For sure, it is not, but as a loyal Church member, I think we should come out from the mess in the system we are in now, and live and show the society our Christian duty, as our prime aim.
      With Regards
      Varkey Titus
      Member Id# 1024
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