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Allegations- Why we respond for each and every allegations?

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  • Viny Varghese
    During these time, media a taking a lot of time to bring up allegations against Jacobite Church when association election is round the corner. Sametime, within
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 8 7:42 AM
      During these time, media a taking a lot of time to bring up allegations against Jacobite Church when association election is round the corner. Sametime, within our church there are small groups who try to fish in murky waters. Either they may be puppets in our opponents hands or they are playing their desperate attempt to weaken some strong candidates in association elections.

      I still don't understand why we send representatives to news channels for discussing each and every allegations against church. Remember each word during those discussions are counted. We should not send any representatives for any sort of discussions in news channels. If that was the case catholic leadership should have flooded news channels for allegations aginst them.. Our beloved opponent Methrakakshi a.k.a IOC went on divine silence when their Kochi Diocese Bishop Dr. Yakob Mor Irenious recently did a multi crore scam by cheating Methran Kakshi members. Refer the surya news clips from youtube

      News 1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT9uNniAwlI&feature=relmfu
      News 2- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoaZ7Zd5ZFo&feature=related

      Let us not wash our linen in public. Request church leadership not to discuss and have answers for all allegations in church through news channels. Allegations are made to tarnish us, please don't fall in that trap by having answer for everything. We true Jacobite believers do not need any explanations and we know, what our beloved Bava is doing for church. If we don't respond in news channels for sometime, breaking news will default become broken news's.

      I don't think Methran Kakshi responded to multi crore scam of their Kochi diocese bishop, on Nuhro Project scam. Just google "nuhro project scam" you wonder how big is that. Learn from the masters, when you fall in trap of allegations and scam, just wait and watch how they handle it. That is fun to see in odd times.

    • Benny
      Dear All. All the disputes initiated in the year 1800 , thru the IDUKKI episode to the last Metran Kashi real estate story etc (2012), having a common
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 10 12:24 AM
        Dear All.

        All the disputes initiated in the year 1800 , thru the IDUKKI episode to the last Metran Kashi real estate story etc (2012), having a common character of Property & money connection.. Remember, Satan offered property (kingdoms) to Jesus Christ for which Jesus Christ refused since he came to the world for to give eternal life to all mankind.( Not only for so called name sake christians).

        While taking the baby Jesus in the hands of Simayon, who was eagerly waiting to see the savior, he would have filled with un explained happy.. Now what is our focus in life as a Christian..? Are we eagerly wanting to see Jesus Christ ?

        Once the Jesus Christ healed the blind , his vision had changed in such a way that he found the Son of God. M/time , the vision of the Preists, the scribes and Pharisees, had changed and found a sinner in front of them ( Read -John 9). Now let us evaluate what is our vision�

        Need to be very clear on our vision , focus precisely on Jesus Christ who is the only one savior and the only one name given to the mankind for salvation. While Jesus was on the cross with such an agony, he had forgiven and prayed for the enemies who were against him. There is no law above the Jesus Love. Our forefathers shown us how to lead a life to follow Jesus Christ. Please ensure once again that our forefathers dedicated even their life to show us how to lead a Christian life filled with the Holy Spirit. Few people erroneously thought that forefathers taught us to worship them for the betterment of worldly life. Before leaving the earth, Jesus Christ said that I am sending the Holy spirit to help you in your life. Holy spirit is present in the world now .. Are we pray to attain that..? Jesus said, seek for the kingdom of God , rest all will be added. What else we are looking for�

        Regretfully, now in our state, majority having abundance of money(except few poor). Lot of people are worshipping GOD for the name sake. All are looking to boost their name , all are looking around the chair(power). Basically , this character reflects the weakness of human flesh. We need to seek kingdom of God in order to free our soul from the clutches of this weakness. Once we achieved , 100 % we will feel the God�s happiness in our life. Problems will be solved same as that of ice melting. We will be ready to face death without fear, we will have feeling that we are ready to live or die for Christ.

        Let those who are indulged and believed that property and money is the nucleus of Jesus Christ�s ministry, then let us wish that God may enlighten them with powerful word to bring them to follow the steps of Jesus Christ who came to the world for to give eternal life freely ( ot for the property of earth).

        Church is the body of Jesus Christ, those who are following Jesus Christ has to nullifying themselves and to take the cross ( to sacrifice the worldly lusts) in a daily basis , they are the true Christian.( meaning followers of Christ).

        H/ever all are having ( including me) opportunity now , to change the mind and turn back. Jesus Christ is waiting for us� Read Bible in a daily basis ( especially from Acts onwards � (Some people read only Psalms) ). It is sure, that our vision will automatically change..

        If we live till 80-90 and if we never find Jesus and his ways, then the status of us is that we have missed the chance�the agony of losing the chance to attain eternal life for the soul may continue after death as well without relief.( refer Richman & lazer story). Else, as per Bible , the kingdom of God is not FOOD OR WATER it is the everlasting happy with GOD an eternal life�


        Satan is all around to deviate our focus , So , FOCUS PRECISELY to the savior Jesus Christ who is the way, truth & Life and also he can babtisise us in Holy Spirit ( Refer the words of John the Baptist)


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