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Methran kakshi propganda against St. Severius of Antioch

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  • Mathew George
    Dear All, I have seen some Methran kakshis using facebook to propagate a lie that in the early part of 6th century 350 Maronite monks were massacred by Syrian
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2012
      Dear All,

      I have seen some Methran kakshis using facebook to propagate a lie that in the early part of 6th century 350 Maronite monks were massacred by Syrian Orthodox. Since their only intention is to hang on to anything to malign the church and its Patriarchs, they will never look into the details or truth of that propaganda material..

      It is nothing but lie and propaganda made by Maronites in the last few centuries. Let me give the reasons why that propaganda is a lie..

      1. The whole episode has been constructed around two letters written by the monks of the monastery of Maron - one written to the Roman Pope in 517 and another written to their own synod in 518.

      2. There is no other historical or any sort of records - neither civil records nor church records of that time which tells anything about such an incident.

      3. The letters contradict each other even on the basic details like where the massacre happened and how many were killed.

      4. The letters have never been mentioned in any other contemporary records or citations.

      5. The letters are first seen in 536 at the Second council of Constantinople which was convened for the sole purpose of condemning and anathematizing St. Severus - 18 years after they were supposed to have been written.

      6. Even from the records of the council of Constantinople, there is no mention of such a massacre. Note that this council was called just to condemn St. Severus and if anything of the magnitude of massacre of 350 monks had happened, it would have been definitely used against him in the council. The council just does not mention anything about such a massacre done by those owing allegiance to St. Severus.

      8. Evagrius, the renowned historian lived in Syria in the 6th / 7th centuries and he has written extensively about St. Severius and his relationship with the Maronites and other chalcedonians. He does not even mention anything about such an incident.

      9. These issues started coming up only in the late 17th century and not before that. And their only source are the two letters which themselves don't stand internal and external scrutiny.

      10. The most famous historian of Maronites, Assemani just do not mention this.

      11. St. Severus was hated by chalcedonians. If something like that had happened, they would have held it against him and used it against him. The chalcedonian records are simply silent on this. They don't even mention about such a massacre.

      When the facts are as mentioned above, how much validity does the maronite history written from 17th century onwards hold ?

      And even in the case of present day historians who have mentioned about this incident, their only source is the two supposedly written letters by the maronite monks which are of dubious nature.

      A request to Methran Kakshis who propagate this lie through FB.. St. Severius was the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch at that time.. If you truly believe the above incident to be true, send a recommendation to your synod to remove the name of St. Severius from your Diphtyc and also from all other prayers.

      Mathew George
      ID 4555
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