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Re: I am scared and I cry

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  • Cherian Jacob
    Dearly Beloved All are making good points, still why we are still not taking any action? We are not seeing any results in the church, because we are just
    Message 1 of 2 , May 12, 2012
      Dearly Beloved

      All are making good points, still why we are still not taking any action? We are not seeing any results in the church, because we are just making everyone else seem wrong! Our complaint is that the priests and high priests and bishops have blood stains on their hands, but how about we look for our self and see is there any on our hand?

      More complaints can only lead us to the same state we are today, it is not going to make any difference.� I may not be able to quote from the bible or any other famous quotes, but it is not going to make any difference in the church or in you. It can only add more frustration to that which we all have already.

      I have full faith on our church, since it is installed by Jesus, that it will not get destroyed even if the people perish. It might be a good idea to go thru old testament and see how GOD punished his people, but always there was a Moses and Aron to plead for their people.� Believe it or not, when a priest or Bishop, stand at holy alter, he is doing the same pleading for you and me that Moses did in the past; hence we all are saved.

      We may need to consider why we are experiencing struggle, in Genesis 2:19

      "Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name"

      Why did God ask man to name everything? He could have named everything he created, but God really "Empowered" each one of us to name anything in our life, and it will be what you name it.� This heavenly power is still present with each one of us hence we cam immediately see the experience.

      If you are not clear, consider the situation; if you think that the bishop is wrong, you may behave in the manner that leads others to believe that he is wrong; however, there might me thousands who act in such a way that leads others to know that he is right. Here is something you can create for yourself also

      I will fail in this exam
      I may not clear this interview
      My dad is not loving me
      My son is not taking care of me.
      My manager don't know anything

      Immediately you can experience in your body whatever you created is "real". Why? it is because, God give you the power to name anything, so it will appear and you will experience it according to what you name it.

      I have not read the bible completely, but whatever i covered so far, this heavenly power God never revoked. If someone could validate, that will be great.

      We can keep continue making wrong everyone in our life, or just accept the world the way it is, then there is nothing to worry, everything will appear to you as normal; at this time you can experience heaven on earth itself.

      We complain, because none of us wanted to take any responsibility, we love blaming others. Let us make a difference in our home, with our kids, wife and husband, parents, family, relative, neighbor, office college, your staff, workers then you can experience greatness when you go to church. I think this was the simple message every religion is trying teach.

      When Jesus taught us how to pray, there was three parts.
      1. Decide what exactly you want from God
      2. Believe that you already got what you want
      3. Ask to Father in heaven, in the name of Jesus, it will be given

      When our prayer does not contain the above basic fundamental� principles, your prayer is not meeting HIS requirement, hence it may not be answered, we cannot blame God for not answering the prayer, because we are not following the fundamentals

      if you think church priests, high-priests and bishops are not guiding the church in the right direction, walk with HIM in the right direction, then more people will join, eventually your dream will be fulfilled, all priests, high priests and bishops will follow you. Our Lord Jesus Christ showed us exactly same. Sometimes our silence will make a big difference instead of raising voice.

      Thank you Achen for bringing this subject for discussion, I am very positive that we will raise up to expectation and will start listening to HIS words. Let us pray to our God Almighty to give us the wisdom, to lead our life as true Christians, instead of finding mistake in anyone, let us help our family, community, church, workplace and bring integrity in our life. One Jesus Christ give his life at cross and redeemed all of us. One Mahathma Gandhi stood for freedom and justice, then India got Freedom. One Martin Luther King stood for civil rights, and in America we are living in harmony with people of different color and sects, one Narayana Guru stood against "Ayitham" and today every Hindu is able to go to their temple in kerala. One Nelson Mandela stood for freedom and got freedom for South Africa. One Suchi fighting for democracy in Myanmar and getting her freedom for her country.

      Yes, in the world for change, "You" only need to change, then everything will happen. If we care for our church, let us make a difference in our daily life, so that your life will be cherished and you can bring love and affection to your family, community, church and for our country.

      Thank you for your time
      In Christ

      Cherian Jacob
      St.George's MSO Church, Carteret NJ 07008
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