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Piravom kids play, Just a phsycholgical win or something more?

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  • Abraham
    Jacobite leaders missed reading the Fine print.But KAUMUDI put it rightly! http://news.keralakaumudi.com/news.php?nid=125f2e8146025600beeea6fdbf843ed2 Are our
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2012
      Jacobite leaders missed reading the Fine print.But KAUMUDI put it rightly!


      Are our MLAs cutting off the BRANCH they sitting on?For politicians these are THE golden oppertunities to WIN BACK hearts of millions of Jacobites.They must do rethinking and evaluate like those-for whom Puthupally,Kottayam Assembly are important for survival. No one should blame these leaders for ignoring majority sentiments next election.FAITH related matters remain in one's memory for long!So Strange that it is PIRAVOM that made Govt survival possible and the same PIRAVOM now getting punished! If they did not call it off, From May 9th-12th,expect Piravom turned into a Garrison Town
      with 1500+ strong battalions.

      For Piravom Cathedral,Piravom leadership has done everything possible.Those against our FAITH accepted a 'pathetic offer' to do 'Qurbana' standing at some place on the way to 'Piravom Church'.Its a Win for us.By accepting 'Qurbana' demand - we uphold Christian Values and they accepted Piravom Church as a Jacobite Church! Another 'legal' document that strengthen Piravom Church and its bonding with Jacobite Sabha.As messaged by Sabu,If AG took an approach against us,nothing more need to be done! Lets think ahead and get good SC/HC lawyers to argue Piravom's 1934 HC case.If our leadership want to give an answer to Piravom,there are many!
      Illegal occupation of one's property is NOT a CRIMINAL Case -
      Hurting sentiments with such a recorded speech is NOT CIVIL either.
      and check out MOST recent one: http://www.kcpcmf.in/Notification.php

      Now things are getting clear.We are getting trapped.We are getting
      into 'ACCEPTENCE' mode.The TARGET is -> Kothamangalam Church.
      Its a Million Dollar Raffle. SC will take the case soon.
      The importance of Piravom now evident.We have set a precedence!!!
      Our failure is that we still play in our compound and does not ask
      the mediation cell for ANYTHING!

      Please read this:
      Now compare it with :
      http://www.koonankurishu.com/Location.aspx & http://oic.org.in/location.html

      How many of us,Churches,Vicars,Trustees,Metropolitans supported this?
      No body seems to be concerned about getting this project done and
      everyone 'tactically' ignores the significance and happiness it can give to millions of Jacobites.Niranam diocese is such a small diocese with little resources.They can not do it alone.I don't believe in rumors about some inside us are opposing Parumala Project? To this beleiver the Best WAY to instill good'energy' into lakhs of Jacobite beleivers is to 'Get our Parumala Dream a reality!'Power politics will beat us down. It is time to handle it unitedly.
      Hope Trustees of Piravom,Paravoor,Manarcadu,Manajanikkara and Kothamangalam Church will sponsor its construction.Hope institutions and eminent people from our Sabha support it.Pray that all metropolitans take Parumala Church as their dream.For sure - youth association will support and make the Youth presence felt there.

      If not :
      - Leadership,SPECIALLY Metropolitans -must know youngsters will
      loose hope.Our youngsters,working hard for Jacobite betterment
      will get demoralized.There won't be any,to come and protect the
      church if their voice ignored.
      - We all know,this Piravom CIRCUS is not for few hours of Qurbana!
      Piravom is a 'notice' to Trustees/vicars to toe their lines else
      Church get closed ? Metropolitans must study who will then
      get impacted?
      - Now any Patriarchal decisions on Churches like Kandanadu,
      Kothamanagalam,Manarcadu,or Mulanthuruthy will get implemented
      smoothly? God Knows!
      - All happened in Piravom - a Jacobite majority area.This can be a
      case study to 'lure' or 'influence' Jacobite Priests to their camp!

      Piravom Qurbana demand could have 'BARTERED' with our legitamate claim for a Qurbana demand at Parumala,if we had made such a move!
      If we continue playing in our homeground,Mannuthi will write more such scripts!A level playing field need to be set.

      But Mannuthi,must know GOD answers our prayers sooner and faster!
      There is an urgent need to give our Young leaders a deserving place.
      They must demand respectable positions in the Working committe and
      things will change.We are sure that the upcoming committe elections and formation will include many young faces and without much debate
      HOLY SYNOD will support it ! Happy that our leadership reachable over phone!.But its also true that many valuable suggestions from SOCM readers find direct route to Trash bin.Our leadership doesn't look
      well connected by E-Mail! This is at a time when the other side has got blogger Bishops and their 'strategic' team analyzes our posts day in and out!

      Hope Prayers will get answers,Peace will return to Holy Jacobite Sabha


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