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How IOC can escape from the wrath of God??

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  • Varugese C J
    Dear All, IOC is not all the ancient Marthoma Christian church. Few incidents I happened to witness is proving it. They have thrown out all the legacy of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2012
      Dear All,

      IOC is not all the ancient Marthoma Christian church. Few incidents I happened to witness is proving it. They have thrown out all the legacy of Marthoma Christians of the Church of Malabar. Their High Priests, Priests and Laity,all of them say like a tutored parrot, which can utter few words. The incidents which I would like to mention are - one on the occasion of a Holy Baptism, and the other on a Holy Matrimony. Both these sacraments were presided over by their socalled high-priests. They even do not qualify to compare with the priests of our Lord's time. There our Load told the multitude that "you only obey their words, not follow their action". Here these IOC highpriests talked like people who talk in a market place. They have been tutored to redicule the Holy Church and Faith, to mislead the faithfuls, and their main target of attack is our Moran and our Beatitude. These people could not digest with the tremendous growth and leadership qualities of our Moran and Beatitude. These IOC-ians speak filthy comments, which is a sugarcoated lie, and the entire IOC laity is misled by their words. All these foul languages are heard only in their own gatherings, like Holy Qurbana, and during other sacraments they perform. But while in public they all speak as a true christian, and advise others to follow the Christ and His teachings like "love your enemy" & "do not snatch anything from others" etc. They have shown to the world that they are the ones who are exempted from practicing all these teachings. It is pity their they do not apply the basic humanness in their own church matter. How can they escape from the wrath of God??

      They proudly announce that their association meeting is the largest assembly of a democratic way of governance. The way they conducted the recent association meetings and the elections were a mockery of democracy. They proclaim that the election for any metropolitan is the best and purest way of selection; but the hidden fact is that before the election stunt there is a secret election by their (un)holy synod, and then pass it on to the managing committee to pass the list for approval. What is happening there is a mystery? In an interaction with a managing committee member, I understood that even their Holy Bawa himself warned the managing committee members not to speak in favour of an unfavourable candidate of the (un)holy synod. Then how can they claim their democratic process of election is the best choice. They have made the Holy Church into a better example of mockery of the age old system and tradition. Their church is not governed as per the ancient system, but by a handful of tugs and cronies, wearing red-robes and blade-mafia. They show the democracy and self-rule as carrot to lead the poor as per their wishes. How can we expect good out of these people? They buy politicians, bureacrates, judiciary, press and lawyers to manipulate the truth. They even purchase the opportunists among us, and thus succeed in snatching some churches. The struggle will not find any solution in any near future.

      The forefathers of the faithfuls in southern dioceses were more intelligent and came out and started new congregations and thus there is a peaceful co-existence among the IOC and JSC. But the scenario in northern dioceses are really painful. The culprits are the two metrans and few priests who crossed over to IOC, and we have to expose them to the public. Hope one day we will succeed in it and peace will be restored in all our churches.

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