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Re: When the fox preaches, Take care of your geese

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  • Mrs.Varghese
    To Mr. K. K. John and Saritha Thomas/Thomas: Last week a �����kalpana����� from His Holiness was read in our church excommunicating one of our Bishops who used
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2003
      To Mr. K. K. John and Saritha Thomas/Thomas:

      Last week a �kalpana� from His Holiness was read in
      our church excommunicating one of our Bishops who used
      to be known as �Mor Nicholovas�. As per the Jacobite
      faith, I strongly believe that His Holiness has the
      right to ordain and take away the ordination. So now
      he is Mr. Cherian Poothiyottu.

      Mr. K.K. John:
      Your request, �leave me alone� or I may have to
      retort: I wish you made this statement after reading
      what I wrote. I did not write anything about you and
      therefore I wonder what you are retorting about. For
      your information, sir, any one who ever paid the
      diocesan dues lost their hard earned money when they
      invested it on Mr. Cherian Poothiyottu. And no matter
      how loud you yell, no one has to show you theirledger.
      So keep on yelling, which is what you were only good
      at when you belonged to JSOC anyway. And by the way if
      you voluntarily gave up your ordination as a priest by
      JSOC why are you still signing as �Jonachen�. I am not
      aware if the IOC bestowed any ordination on you yet.
      And by the way if you ever worked in the professional
      world you would have known that even if you
      voluntarily walk out, you will be furnished with all
      the termination paper work. When you are hired by any
      decent organization, you get hired because they think
      you are qualified for it. There is no place where you
      can walk in and out as you please. When you are hired
      you are bound by their rules. When they disqualify
      you, you will be notified duly. So there is no need
      for you to be angry, kicking, and yelling unless you
      still wish that you never left, especially after
      pronouncing several times that you were willing to die
      for the Patriarch. Yes Mr. K.K John, now Mr.
      Poothiyottu is the arch bishop of 6 ex-JSOC priests
      and 2 parishes.

      �Saritha Thomas/Thomas� was extremely upset about my
      reply to Mr. George Aramath writing about the return
      of our brothers, that he/she couldn�t use my legal
      name as Mrs. Varghese and had to write �So called Mrs.
      Varghese� and thus revealing his/her class. You are
      right, the car he was using was being leased. I knew
      that. But what I did not know is that his family was
      paying the dues on his leased car and that is why he
      kept it till the lease was up. And his family paid for
      all the speeding tickets he collected, that proves
      what a humble and simple arch bishop he was. And the
      building he used to live and still lives in now: I was
      not aware of the fact that his family paid for that
      too. Of course I am sorry that I did not waste my time
      to find out that he bought his �Amshavadi� from
      Walmart with his family money. Now from your reply, I
      am convinced that he offered to return the �kappa�
      given to him by others and they did not want it back.
      And I am sure he will return all the money borrowed
      from others. He will only have to use a fraction of
      the amount he got paid by IOC to become their �sahaaya
      methran� anyway. You, in your reply to Mr. Kuruvila,
      acknowledged that his �pattathvam� was taken away by
      His Holiness. Will it be safe for me to assume that
      Mr. Cherian Poothiyottu is still wearing the �Kappa�,
      because he was given a pattathvam by his family, when
      he lost his pattathvam from our church. And now is my
      apology accepted for spreading lies about Mr. Cherian

      Mr. George Aramath�s feelings are understandable and
      that exactly is the way we should feel when someone
      from our church leaves. It is wrong to write them off
      as history. But what we have been noticing recently is
      that, the brothers who leave us whether they come back
      or not, they are torturing our church tremendously. If
      a person leave because he just don�t believe in the
      Jacobite faith or in its leaders anymore, they will
      not be as vengeful as our brothers are. Therefore they
      are leaving for one of the following reasons. 1. They
      did things they are not supposed to do and got caught.
      2. They are being bribed to be vengeful. Either way
      Jacobites are the ones who always end up losing
      everything. With this in mind I was using the very
      recent example of Mr. Cherian Poothiyottu. Jacobites
      are not a group of people who believes that their
      bishops are free to do what ever they want to do. (If
      I am wrong someone correct me, please. I mean JSOC
      members). Our Bishops have a life that is always under
      the public scrutiny and we have expectations of them
      that they need to meet. They can not just go anywhere
      and say that it is none of your business and that it
      is their personal life. Their life is consecrated to
      God and dedicated to the church. No matter what they
      do, they need to think about it twice to make sure
      that this is what my church wants me to do. If in
      doubt they need to consult someone who may be a better
      judge of the situation. And the church includes His
      Holiness, Our Bava thirumeni, all other Bishops, all
      priests and the laymen. We believe that our Bishops,
      and even our priests are accountable to God and all of
      the above. If you don�t believe that all power to your

      I am sure Mr. Cherian Poothiyottu told you the things
      you wrote here. Knowing a whole lot about his past
      personal life (especially his history with the church
      in Philadelphia speaks loudly of his moral character
      and spiritual life) I can imagine why you are very
      upset about me writing about what he did to our
      church. And I am glad he has you to witness his holy
      life and prayers at 4:00am. I am sure these are all
      news to the Jacobite church. Since you know that his
      pattathvam was stripped off by our church, do you also
      know just like the rest of us that he was never
      ordained a Bishop by your IOC group? If a woman named
      X is married to a man named Y, now she is either Mrs.
      XY or Y. When she is divorced she will be X again
      until some else marries her. She will not be known as
      Mrs. XY or Y just because she is dating Mr. Z. She
      will be known as Mrs. Z only after she is married to
      Mr. Z. Now Mr. Cherian Poothiyottu � was he ordained
      as a Bishop by your IOC group? Or did he ordain
      himself as a Bishop since his family has so much
      money? May be this is another question when you meet
      with him next time.

      Mrs. Varghese
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