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Re: When the fox preaches ,take care of your geese!!!

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  • zachariah minnu
    Dear John, In a short span you have learned to imitate your master . keep it up. Only one thing.Your threats are not going to work.Threats work only when the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2003
      Dear John,

      In a short span you have learned to imitate your
      "master". keep it up.

      Only one thing.Your threats are not going to
      work.Threats work only when the person issuing it have
      the capability of fullfilling it. "Barking dogs seldom
      bite". Dont you remember that age old saying or in
      your present state of mind you have forgot whatever
      you learned while you were a kid. Imagine a country
      like surinam issuing an ultimatum to US.

      If you along with niclovas and priests numbering 4 or
      6 or even let it be 25,have left the parent church,
      its your problem. no body is crying since you have
      left. nobody is begging you to come back. ( FOR THAT
      like you have found the perfect company for you. So be
      with them and be happy. Why should you again poke your
      nose into something which you have left on your own
      self. Is it because of some sort of nostalgia????

      Dear john, your comments on Mar Ivanious doesnt
      attract a reply. You cant expect a better way of
      expression from a priest belonging to the church
      headed by kanjikuzhi catholica.

      But i want you to think a little back, to 1974, when
      you were undoubtedly fighting for the Throne of
      Antioch, when OUR beloved Mar Aphrem Aboodi was sent
      out of the country. Mar Aphrem Aboodi, just before he
      was to get into the plane, told the multitudes who had
      come to see him off, that " if one Aboodi leaves, 10
      will come"

      IT HAPPENED...Undoubtedly you were also there to
      welcome the new bishops.

      So if now you want to play that old nasty game of your
      new "masters", go ahead, do it.

      But before that turn around and look how many Rambans
      with US citizenship is in your country, who stouchly
      are with the Throne of Antioch.

      And more over the "ghost" of C M Stephen or the
      "Ghostlike" P C Alexander is not ruling the US. I
      think its somebody called bush. isn't??

      My dear john, those days when your new "masters" had
      the capacity to do things have gone even in this
      country. So dont be in that fools paradise wherin you
      think that there is nothing impossible for you to do.

      And what do you mean by "leave me alone or i may
      retort". Who is afriid of your retorts?? Probably when
      you try to retort some of us in this forum will get a
      chance to explain the "heroics" of a certain ex-bishop
      while he was studying in UTC Banglore.

      Many of us cannot understand the exact stance of the
      four bishops and the priests who have left this
      church. Is it because you dont believe in the
      "KAIVAPPU" of the Throne of Antioch. If so why are you
      people not getting ordained by the kanjikuzhi
      catholica??? You have to do it since kanjikuzhi
      catholica and his church doesnt believe in the
      "KAIVAPPU" of the Patriarch.

      Or is it because that you believe that there is
      nothing like 'KAIVAPPU" and priesthood and bishophood
      is just wearing red or white robes just like our new
      bishop or is it because you people dont believe in
      "KAIVAPPU" and for you being a priest or bishop is
      nothing but wearing white and red robes, just like our
      new "bishop" K P Yohannan.

      Regarding the money siphoned by the four bishops,
      atleast we living in india know how much have been
      taken by the three here.

      Your argument that no sencible person can take action
      against people not under him or reporting to him is
      100% correct. This is exactly the same reason why your
      kanjikuzhi catholica is being considered senile by the
      media and a majority of people in this state.

      Lastly dear john, pl no more threats. because there
      are people who can issue it and also fullfill it. you
      might become a laughing stock before them.

      St george jacobite syrian church
      Arakunnam, Diocese of Kochi.
      Request to moderators: Please no "censorship"

      From the desk of moderators:
      This message has not been eidited or censored in any part, as per the special request of the author. However, we request once again to all of our members, to respect each other, while writting in this forum. We do respect your feelings and encourage to share different idiologies with other members. But, SOCM forum can't entertain any verbal fights between its members. We request the elders and priests to be a good role models to the young generation, by showing respect to others, irrespective of whichever church they belong to.
      Thank you for your cooperation.
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