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Easter Message from Mor Clemis Eugene Kaplan

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    THE SYRIAC ORTHODOX ARCHDIOCESE OF WESTERN UNITED STATES (Under the Holy Apostolic See of Antioch & All the East) Mor Clemis Eugene Kaplan Archbishop “Our
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2012
      (Under the Holy Apostolic See of Antioch & All the East)

      Mor Clemis Eugene Kaplan

      “Our Savior Jesus Christ … has destroyed death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.” 2 Timothy 1:10

      Rejoicing in the Risen Christ, the Source and Fulfillment of our faith and salvation, I sincerely greet you all saying:

      Our Lord is Risen, He is Risen-

      It was impossible that death could hold Jesus our Lord in His kingdom, or His body see decay. Because 1) Jesus died as the sin-bearer not sinner. But because He had no sin in Himself, His body also did not decay in the grave, for the death is wage of sin (Rom 6:23). 2)

      Perhaps it is also a statement about His power. Jesus at one point said He had the power to lay down His life and the power to take it back up again (John 10:17-18).

      Since Jesus is incarnated God, the source of life, and has no sin, death has no authority on Him (since death is the wages of sin, Rom 6:23). Because where is life, there is no death.

      Therefore, His death was not an end, for Jesus made of death a passage to a higher and better life to all who believe in Him. He has gone before us in death to show us the way through the dark chambers of Sheol (Hades) to the brilliant light of resurrection, the beginning of the fullness of life to which we are all called in the Sacrament of Baptism.

      The Resurrection of Christ our Lord, which provides spiritual strength in our lives as Christians, is the ultimate expression of Divine Love for humanity. This glorious triumph of Christ over death graces us continually with a renewed understanding of our Christian faith.

      This biggest miracle of all enables us to transform our God-given life into a renewed, deeper spiritual life. The Resurrection is the powerful presence of Almighty God in our lives.

      The glorious Resurrection of Christ our Lord is the reawakening of the Church. Indeed, the ineffable divine power of Christ’s Resurrection is difficult to understand in mere words or logic, but could be experienced in the spiritual life of each and every faithful and the life of the Church. The Resurrection empowers us to live the Word of God in our daily lives and come closer to God.

      “Christ is Risen! Truly Risen”

      By proclaiming that Christ is Risen from the dead we reject the deeds of darkness in our lives and turn our lives toward the empowering Light of God. Our forefathers have lived with this Faith and have taught us to live a life pleasing to God; a life that upholds the Christian faith, protects the sanctity of family, builds houses of worship and schools. This faith is complemented with our dedication to the Mother Holy See of Antioch of the Syrian Orthodox Church, and above all.

      The mystery of the blessed Resurrection of Christ our Lord ought to be reflected in the life of society. Inspired by the victorious Resurrection we are called to become the good hands of Almighty God with a strong vision. If humanity has lost the vision of peace, the main reason is human greed and disrespect to our fellow human beings. The global financial crisis that societies all over the world are experience is but one dimension of this. The crisis began when people forgot true value.

      The blessed Resurrection of Christ our Lord impels us to live a miraculous life, to create and to illuminate the souls of humanity.

      May the miracle of the Resurrection of Christ enrich our personal and communal life, so that we may put on the new person in Christ and walk with God, becoming co-helpers of God’s creation and to bring up our children with the mystery of the sanctified life.

      May the miracle of the Resurrection of Christ grant us the vision to become the living Church through the preaching of the Word of God, and working hard for the revitalization of the Church.

      Our faith in the Resurrection of Christ implies that we all are the living stones of the Church, thus we are challenged to begin a new life in making God the destiny of our life and above all to see the new life beyond the horizon, in the hand of God.

      “Christ is Risen! Truly Risen”

      +Clemis Eugene Kaplan
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