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Today with Jesus

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  • Rev. Fr. Paulose V V
    Today with Jesus Institution of The Eucharist “ Manifestation of Gods eternal love” Bible verse: Mark 16: 22“ And while they were eating, Jesus took
    Message 1 of 442 , Apr 3, 2012
      Today with Jesus

      Institution of The Eucharist “ Manifestation of Gods eternal love”

      Bible verse:

      Mark 16:

      22“ And while they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessing it, he broke it, and gave to them and said, Take it. This is my body. “

      23 “And having taken the Chalice, giving thanks he gave to them. And they all drank it..”

      24 “And he said to them. This is my blood of the new covenant, which shall shed for many.”

      Luke 22:19 -“Do this in remembrance of me.”

      Acts 11:29 “For anyone who eats and drinks with out recognizing the body of the lord drinks judgement on himself.”

      Bread and wine in the holy Eucharist are the flesh and blood of Jesus that we commune !

      It is a mystery but real.

      We accept in heart the holy communion we take in love is the true body , blood, soul ,and divinity of Jesus . This is really the true food - the bread- the flesh of Jesus and the true water- the wine - the blood of Jesus, for eternity.

      In the city of Lanciano, Italy, in the 8 century there was a priest of the order of St. Basil, though learned in the sciences of the world, was ignorant in ways of God, and was not strong in his faith. He was plagued by a doubt as to whether the consecrated Host was truly the Body of Christ, and the consecrated wine truly His blood. He had difficulty in believing the mystery of the Eucharist. One morning, as he was celebrating Mass, he saw the bread changed in to flesh and the wine in to blood. H stood there in divine ecstasy, exclaiming “.. behold the flesh and the blood of Most beloved Christ.” 12 centuries after the miraculous occurrence it remains in- tact, a sustained miracle. A rigorous scientific analysis was performed by pro Dr. Odoroardo, head physician of the united hospitals of Arezzo.

      That yielded the following results:

      1 : Blood of the Eucharistic Miracle is real blood and the flesh is real flesh.

      2: The flesh consists of the muscular tissue of the myocardium (Heart wall)

      3: The blood and the flesh belong to the human species.

      4: The blood type is identical in the blood and the flesh, type AB

      5: The proteins in the blood are in the same proportions as those found in normal fresh blood.

      6: There is no trace of whatsoever of any materials or agents used for preservation of flesh or blood.


      Holiness in love is the base to eat and drink the flesh and blood of Jesus.

      The celebrant, the receiver and the place of holy Mass all should be holy and to be centers of transmitting the light of eternity in love, faith, and peace.

      Prayer: Jesus, let us eat and drink your flesh and blood in purity and love and have eternal life.

      Don’t bar anyone to your Lords table. We pray for all the priests who are in all the churches do your mission of the Holy Eucharist. We pray for the unity of all Christian and denominations as the part taker of one Chalice and one bread. Let us be witness for you in love by receiving the holy communion. The churches be flourished and protected and the members be blessed.

      All we ask in Jesus' name. Amen.
      Paulose Achen
      Wednesday 4 Apri l2012
    • Rev. Fr. Paulose V V
      Today with Jesus “Leave these men alone! Let them go.” (Acts 5:38) · The sign of the Cross on the television tower in Berlin : “The sign of unbeatable
      Message 442 of 442 , Oct 16, 2012
        Today with Jesus

        “Leave these men alone! Let them go.” (Acts 5:38)

        The sign of the Cross on the television tower in Berlin : “The
        sign of unbeatable sign of worship,”- Ronald Regan, President of USA in 1987.

        Till the passing of
        the present earth and heaven, Christ, his Cross and its principles would be
        valued and be in proclamation for the salvation of the world. No power on earth
        can wipe out the eternal truth of God from the face of this earth. It is always
        better not to fight and antagonize Christ and his principles. When Peter and other disciples were put in
        jail to be punished by the assembly of Jews, the great respected learned
        teacher, Gamaliel, advised them,
        "Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will
        fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will
        only find yourselves fighting against God” -(Acts 5:38&39). It is an universal law for a smooth peaceful
        way of co-operative living on earth.

        After the second world
        war, Berlin was under Communist government. Most of the churches and its
        symbols were destroyed to crush the faith in Jesus. To show the power and
        strength of atheism and communism, Walter Ulbech, the head of communist
        Germany, constructed the tallest television tower in Germany. On top of the
        tower is a stainless steel globe in rotation.
        As soon as the construction was over,
        everyone was shocked to find a shining and glittering sign of a cross on
        the globe from top to bottom. The sun's rays shone on the globe from all sides
        making the cross to glitter. The
        engineers tried all their might to erase it, but in vain. Still it is there to proclaim to the world
        that the cross is our salvation.

        Conscience question: Are we in a fight against Christ and
        his teachings by our actions of projecting and selling ourselves for self-glorification?

        Prayer: Jesus, let us be the promoters of your signs
        and symbols of your sacrifice on the cross for our salvation and eternity. Let
        us not be destroyers, but custodians of your teachings. We pray for all those
        who are in the ministry to spread your good news of salvation on the cross. Let
        all those who believe in you be in salvation and the fighters against you be in
        conversion. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


        Paulose Achen


        16th October 2012
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