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  • Abraham
    Jacobites are thankful to Lord, for blessing us with a brave leadership team.Jacobite Sabha made excellent progress in last few years.Our leadership did not
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      Jacobites are thankful to Lord, for blessing us with a brave leadership team.Jacobite Sabha made excellent progress in last few years.Our leadership did not used 'money and lawyers' to run a proxy battle. Numerous court cases! 512 cases against Bava Thirumeni...Still We,Jacobites,prospering stroger than ever.

      While we all exchange our views on this virtual forum,They are on the GROUND and working diligently to safegurad our FAITH.
      For sure,Our leaders will accomodate our concerns -as evident in PAZHAMTHOTTAM Church dispute.It Would be great if leadership make a better 'PR' office to listen to good suggestions of our YOUTH Association,KEFA and faithfuls alike.But we,faithful,too have duty to SUPPORT them with all the means we have.

      While some leadeship deliver utterances on Police,Court cases,Revenge,
      Church closure... What not!
      Hope someone not using this Sabha to score points.

      Time for us to seriously think on engaging with the 'PEACE LOVING' leaders

      Entering OWN Church and conducting Holy Qurbana is not against Christian faith! If someone thinks Qurbana is crime - we should pray for forgiveness.Blocking faithful from their OWN church using
      Government machinery won't be just accepted..

      Those doing 'James Bond' drama using spy cameras at Thirkkunnathu Kabar must understand,One day Jacobites will GO LEGAL for the rightful ownership of holy tomb of Chathuruthil Gregorios Thirumeni. That day is not too far.If the plan is to Make court cases and then leave Jacobite to fight with authorities in ERANAKULAM DISTRICT - then time has come to SERIOUSLY think on Parumala SYRIAN Church and Puthupally church ownership.

      Well,We know what the otherside really worried about!
      Many curious for answers regarding the role Kolencherry College plays in Church disputes.If there any plans to make the Medical college a Deemed University,we should raise concerns.SYRIAN ORTHODOX name should not be used illegally for getting 'minority' advantages as per UGC act.
      Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SOCM-FORUM/message/22581

      SYRIAN Church,even with limited control over the college,should educate faithful from BOTH Sabhas on the real owner of this asset. Let it start from an RTI as they did it in Thrikkunnath.
      After Piravom election there are very high chances that Nurses strike will return to Kolenchery.Also the 'new found love' for CM may be to avoid the HIGH Drama for FREE MBBS/MD seats which the college legally commited to give back to faithful and to the public.Who knows
      our CPI(M)/SFI will be in the forefront along with faithfuls to free up the MERIT Seats for social good.
      Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ADOF/message/5722
      Link: http://syrianyouthvoice.blogspot.in/2011/11/blog-post_7332.html
      Link: http://deshabhimani.com/newscontent.php?id=114501

      Along with running court cases,an old but renewed TACTIC now happens to be to create 'BUNKERS' close to all Jacobite churches.Give it any name - just want a launching pad to move against Jacobites faithfuls! What an amazing Idea! But its very well possible in Southern district too and our leadership should think on having many Churches panned/constructed in Kollam,TVM and PTNMThitta this year.
      Ofcourse,we need a Patriarchal Centre/Syrian Language Institute in Pampakkuda.How about KoonanKurishu Church?
      This beleiver confident that needed Finance can be worked out through a combined effort.

      Appreciate and Thanking leadership team once again for quickly responding to faithfuls concerns! Anthimos Thirumeni even posted the phone number.Addressing suggestions and requests of our YOUTH - Sabha's greatest wealth and strength - helps Jacobite Church to prosper to new highs!

      We follow Athanasious Thirumeni's words and deeds and committed to uphold the TRUE FAITH our parents taught us.

      Our beloved Bava Thirumeni,Lead Us.
      Namikkunnu Njangal ...Malankara Makkal!


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