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Understand ourselves - PIRAVOM ELECTION ?

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  • Benny
    Dear All. With reference to few messages with related Piravom election, I would like add few words on it. Hope all knew that POLITICS +RELEGION = POISON. (
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2012
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      Dear All.

      With reference to few messages with related Piravom election, I would
      like add few words on it. Hope all knew that POLITICS +RELEGION =
      POISON. ( Remember that PILATE & HEROD were enemies, but once they both in line for crucifying Jesus , they became Poison (friends).

      God never looked in to who is winning in the bye election. All the
      thrones will have to bow in front of Jesus Christ and there is no point on winning anything on the worldly things. Jesus Christ taught us to spread gospels to all and this is the prime duty of us in order to win the soul of others for Jesus Christ. Once , Jesus Christ was in the cross with such agony , he had shown only love & forgiveness . In other words , there is no law above love in which we are looser or gainer in the world.

      Angel Gabrial called Mother Mary as "GRACEFULL", Meantime, pls let us
      see Mother Mary's life during those time, she had taken lot of pain
      during her life span even at the moment where she was standing near to the Cross. Here we can easily understand that GRACEFULL NESS does not mean that win- win happy situation what we thought generally, but it is the courage & support which God showered in which we can withstand in any terrible situation.

      Unfortunately we all are in typical condition. Jesus Christ taught us
      to love our enemy, however we are compelled to stay out from that love with other humans because of this court cases etc... Are we name sake CHRISTIANS ? Is there any platform in which we can mingle with our fellow Orthodox in the name of Jesus Christ other than court cases ..?

      I prefer, to stay in Jesus Love to all including our Orthodox fellows as well. In order to withstand in Jesus Christ love, we need to seek
      kingdom of God. Spreading of Gospels is very much required and that is why few of our brothers are running to here and there like PENTACOST etc for places where preaches are mainly focus on few traditional things(unniyappam/neyyappam +local problems/construction etc). (difficult to bell the cat to avoid this situation).

      One of my neighbor, who left our church and joined in Pentecost 26 years back. Now , he is revealing that he is fed up with that also. One of the criticism he is saying that one Pastor who attended a marriage received IRS 50000/- which he cannot afford to accept.

      Basically all the problem everywhere is because of Money , Power ,
      property etc and then the slowly the tricks to stick on with this.. But the real leaders like our forefathers were truthful and they shown the path and that path is ONLY JESUS CHRIST..the way, truth & life.

      ID 4190
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