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Admission Season is back !

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  • Abraham
    MBBS/MD Admission season is back! Chronicle reports a meeting with Medical college authorities are planned.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2012
      MBBS/MD Admission season is back!

      Chronicle reports a meeting with Medical college authorities are planned.

      This government looks serious in ensuring Medical college Seats given to right eligible candidates.
      Honorable Court also taking measures to clean up scandal hit professional education system in Kerala.

      Pampakuda may worry.Stakes are high!

      ->IF there any plan to reserve seats for Orthodox students,our church members must be given due consideration
      Any DEEMED Univ demand,Our legitamate claim need to be heard.Our Thirumeni's hardwork and Jacobite's
      efforts in setting up the medical college shouldn't be ignored.

      ->Seats are for deserving candidates.Leadership need to take a close look at the MBBS/MD admitted list.
      Any irregularites, better to be opened up with Judiciary, MEDIA and orthodox faithfuls.

      ->Media reported about protest by Jacobite shareholders for their rights - Testing time to check on this.
      Each shareholder carries legal power. http://www.manoramaonline.com/cgi-bin/MMOnline.dll/portal/ep/malayalamContentView.do?contentId=10885668

      The old trick of closing church as per the study class below continues.Close it and leave the jacobite unease
      to be handled by Authorities.As the mentor says just watch the drama unfolds.Unknowingly our brothers
      get into untoward incidents.Once succeeded,use this to DIVERT our attention from Our colleges,Parumala...


      Our honarable court and authorities will be with us when we point out the difference between us,SYRIAN Orthodox
      and the Indian divisions legally.REFERENDUM is now the BEST LEAGAL measure.Let check can we make government,
      other religious institutions party to the case.There are many cases where REFERENDUM is used to settle
      difference amicably.Head churches should consider forming CORE LEGAL team to deal with all Church cases.
      Its a matter of FAITH we beleive in.Few Brothers in Kanyattunirappu may miss The Manjanikkara piligrimage.
      We will pray for our brothers.Election is in doorsteps.Such actions and closure of Mannathur church has
      already hurt the voter sentiments. But as said: FAITH WINS At The End.


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