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  • Varugese C J
    Dear All, While reading through the Old Testament, the following versus provoked my feeling too much to think about today s affairs of our Malankara Church. It
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2011
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      Dear All,

      While reading through the Old Testament, the following versus provoked my
      feeling too much to think about today's affairs of our Malankara Church. It
      reads as follows :"But Samuel replied: “Does the LORD delight in burnt
      offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the LORD? To obey is better
      than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams. For rebellion
      is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry.
      Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has rejected you as
      king.” [1 Samuel, 15:22-23].

      I thought at least during this season our people will desist from open war
      against each other. The news about fighting for the control of the wealth
      each church possesses is spreading like cancer to different parts of
      Malankara. It is painful to watch the news about it, instead of practicing
      the Lord of Peace's teaching. What are we going to achieve with it. I do
      not think, our prayers will not be heard by our Lord, and instead severe
      punishments are awaited for the instigators of such violence in the name of
      our Lord. His words are getting fulfilled day after day. "I have come not
      to bring peace, but to put sword in your hear". In the name of
      independence and judicial activism few among us instigate people to
      overthrow the real owners is the best joke of a Century. Can't we adopt the
      way Patriarch Abraham showed while parting ways with his nephew Lot.
      Abraham said, "If you go east I will turn west and if you go north I will
      turn to south. What a wonderful decision Abraham had taken to avoid
      fighting of the group of people they both control.

      I request all the Indian Orthodox leaders and the historians, to keep their
      eyes open to the words of wisdom our Holy Book provide us, and humble
      ourselves and think for a peaceful solution to this burning issue. Let the
      faithfuls in each parish decide where they want to turn, what they want to
      believe. You will not be able to succeed in turning an individual's faith
      just by labeling them as rebels, or rediculing them as Puthencruz Society
      (majority in IO historians love it). You may succeed in catching few greedy
      ones irrespective of their cadre whether they are metrans, priests or
      laymen. In all your communications, you people redicule the anointed one,
      but hail your processes in elevating someone to the hierarchy as metrans.
      You are taking decisions of your own in a worldly manner, whereas the
      God's selection is different. Please read the following: "But the LORD said
      to Samuel, The LORD does not look at the things human beings look at.
      People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”
      [1 Samuel, 16:7]. The elevation of HB Thomas-1 Catholicose wasn't man-made.
      It was God's plan, to keep the true faith in Malankara, which was overdue
      since 1930s.

      It was a shock to me to see in one of the IO Publication, an article
      authored by a priest that all the Churches in Malankara is owned by their
      Malankara Metropolitan (unheard in Malankara since the time of St. Thomas)
      and thus all the Churches are to be governed under the 1934 Constitution. I
      feel pity over such a state of governing a church. If the parishners are
      not the owners, then what right they have got to govern a church. All the
      IOC-ians have submitted their self-esteem to an individual, who happened to
      be the Malankara Metran, but deplore that all Jacobites are slaves. We
      stand still on the 1886 Royal Court verdict, that clearly stated that
      Patriarch do not have any control over the Assets of Malankara, but will
      have only spiritual control. Our submission to the authority of Patriarch
      is purely spiritual and based on a command given by our Lord, whereas in
      IOC in the name of democracy they showcase a Malankara Association, but all
      the decisions are taken by few mighty individuals and impose it, but
      announcements and paper works are done for mere publicity stunt. In the
      name of a (un)Holy Synod, few hardcore metrans are running the IOC shows.
      Pazhaya Seminary in Kottayam serve as the minting press in the making of
      hardcore Orthodox Priest, who are supposed to close their eyes to the true
      faith, and teach and preach what they have been taught in the Seminary.
      [We, Jacobites had a slight hope that HH Didimos Bawa will be able to find
      a solution, as he did in Malabar, but the hardcore satanic elements didn't
      allow HH to bring peace. I suspect the leader of that group is their
      current Catholicose].

      As said in 1 Samuel 16:1 "The LORD said to Samuel, “How long will you mourn
      for Saul, since I have rejected him as king over Israel?". I am aware the
      IO agenda will not be changed unless and until God's wishes. Like in the
      case of the first King of Israel, they are adament in throwing away all the
      customs, dogmas and purity of faith. They haven't yet realized that like
      Saul's Kingdom was taken away from him and given to David, the Malankara
      Catholicate is given away to another, and that is HB Baselios Thomas-I.

      With prayers,
      CJ Varughese, # 1012
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