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ST.MARY’S JACOBITE S YRIAN ORTH ODOX CHURC H court or der agains t the IO C hurch prie sts of the Thrissur diocese

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  • SOCM Reporter
    ST.MARY’S JACOBITE SYRIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH court order against the IO Church priests of the Thrissur diocese The brief history of the parish and the problems
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      ST.MARY’S JACOBITE SYRIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH court order against the IO Church priests of the Thrissur diocese

      The brief history of the parish and the problems faced, in a nutshell are as follows.
      The Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Christians of Coimbatore formed a fellowship among themselves in the year 1982 and found a place of worship in a rented premises at Ukkadam, and christened it in the name of St.Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Orthodox church. Later this fellowship was strengthened in to an association in the name and style of “THE JACOBITE SYRIAN CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION’ which remains as, an unregistered association till date, ,by virtue of Sec. 5 of the T. N. Societies Registration Act.This Act provides for Optional Registration.

      Now there are about 152 members in the Association. Regular elections are held, for the selection of office bearers, every year, for all the posts other than the President. The post of President is earmarked for the vicar of the Church appointed by the Diocesan Metropolitan of the parish. The society purchased 15.5 cents of land in Kannappa Nagar, in the 1989.The church was built on this land in 1992 .Another adjacent plot of 4 cents in Kannappa Nagar and declaratory rights over 64 cents of Corporation Burial Ground in Puliakulam, also exists for the Society. The entire assets of the Church and the Association vests with the Elected managing Committee of our Association. Right from 1982, while the spiritual affairs of the church was conducted in the name and style of ‘St Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, the temporal matters were conducted under the name and style of ‘The Jacobite Syrian Christian Association”, Coimbatore

      Mr. P.I.Varghese, who is at present, the Secretary rival Association (formed in May, 2009), is none other than the person, who was reluctantlyelected as Trustee, for the year 2008-2009, at the suggestion of the then Metropolitan. Mr.Varghese had already earned the ill will of the entire committee and the majority of the Parishioners, when he officiated as Trustee, the previous year because of his authoritarian attitude and false belief that the TRUSTEE wields veto power even in spiritual matters.

      The Annual General Body meeting of 22.3.2009, with the main agenda of electing the new officebearers for the coming year 2009-2010, was sabotaged. During, the course of the meeting,some people circulated copies of an anonymous letter, , among the members .These letters contained fictitious charges of character assassination on all probable candidates, likely to be elected. When confronted, the person circulating the letters, revealed that the letters were given to him, with instructions to circulate by Mr. Reji Abraham, s/o Mr,N.K. Abraham. The General Body,let Mr Reji off, with a warning not to repeat any such activities. The meeting was then adjourned. The matter was reported to Bava Thirumeni. Thereafter, H.B issued a Bull directing that the meeting should be conducted on29.3.2009, with “election of new office bearers for 2009-2010” as the only point on the agenda.

      The meeting was held on 29.3.2009 and office bearers were elected. This was subsequently approved by HB. Some of the members of our Association, including Mr. P.I.Varghese, who were defeated in the election FOR 2009-2010 held on 29.3.2009, got frustrated, conspired to wreak vengeance against the current office bearers .They began to create disharmony among the Jacobite Syrian Christians in Coimbatore. They fraudulently chose the name of our association as their name and registered the same. This, they did by presenting a memorandum, by showing our place as their Registered Office address, under the Societies Registration Act. It is not known whether they did this by eceit or collusion. It is to be noted that the Office bearers of this registered society registered under No.166/2009 have neither title nor possession of the place shown as their registered address. BESIDES, THE REGISTRATION HAS BEEN DONE WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OR APPROVAL OFTHE GENERAL BODY OF THE CHURCH OR WITH APPROVAL OF THE SABHA.

      The fraudulent registration by the Rebel Breakaway Group of 7, with different objectives from the Parent Association has already created disharmony, hatred and ill feeling among the Jacobite Syrian Christians in Coimbatore

      The main intention of the Breakaway Group is to grab the assets and declaratory rights of our association. They forcefully erect their name boards in the church and cemetery premises in order to grab the properties of the church. This naturally resulted in police complaint and civil proceedings to lawfully establish our rights. Eventually an ad interim injunction was granted by the Hon Dist. Munsiff, Coimbatore prohibiting the Rebel Association members and office bearers in anyway interfering with our right of peaceful enjoyment of our property

      On 19.7.2009, when the General Body meeting was in progress, Mr. P.I.Varghese and Mr.Reji Abraham tried to create problems in the Church. They again tried to create problems on the 8th of August.The entire Managing Committee went to Puthencruz, humbly requested HB to deal with the situation. After that the managing committee decided to deal with the situation in a legal manner.

      H.B. Baselios Thomas I, the Catholicose and our Doicesan Bishop, on the basis of the report submitted by the Inquiry commission sent by H.B., and on the report of the Asst. Metropolitan, who inaugurated the ceremonial commencement of the renovation work on 6th Jan, 2010, has issued a Bull, containing stern warning to the devotees not to have any connection with the Group of seven .This has proved to be a great morale booster for the suffering members, who have been enduring pain and insult for over an year.

      It is in these circumstances, when the rebel group had no choice but to surrender, that our newly appointed Asst. Metropolitan H.G.Isaac Mor Osthatheos took charge and visited the church. We are grateful to H.G for having visited the church thrice in this short period of 5 months.

      The struggle for justice continued. During this period the Head of the Rebel association died. They bought the priests under the excommunicated “Militious” Youhannan (John Murimakil)(who was excommunicated from the Holy church for anti Sabha activities) for the funeral ceremonies .They barged into the property of the Holy Church , the Jacobite Syrian cemetery at Puliakulam, Coimbatore performed the acts accordingly . The priests who performed this illegal act are Malankara “Orthodox” (excommunicated Vattaserian faction) priests of the Thrissur diocese namely Fr Mathai Thozhuthungal, Fr Kuriachen Thozhuthungal, Fr Biju, Fr Joy Pulikottil, Fr Reji Mankuzha, Fr Sunny Pulikakudiyil, Fr Baby Paul Poonkunnel, Fr Johnson Edinjukuzhiyil, Fr Reji Kizhanghottil, Fr Shajan Paul Kanzhiramparayil.The rebels has purposely invited the accused Priests from Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The priest of the I”O” faction has also attended the burial ground of the Jacobite Syrian Community for performing the burial rites to wreak vengeance for insulting and injuring the religious feelings and sentiments of the Jacobite Syrian church members. The rebels and the priests has already made a criminal conspiracy to create disharmony and enmity among these two groups and in this process to insult and injure the religious feelings and sentiments of the Jacobite Syrian Community.

      Case were filed against the rebels and the priest of the I”O” faction for trespassing and illegally conducting the cerenonies in a Jacobite Syrian Church cemetery , even when they had an “Orthodox “ cemetery nearby. They even went to the extent of coming from the Thrissur for this purpose. This shows that the incident did not happen by chance but was planned and executed to create problems in the Holy Church. The cheap tactics of Methran kakshis continue . Kolencherry, Puthenkurisu, Kothamangalam, Mamalasherry and now outside Kerala in Coimbatore. They still claim to be the the great “Orthodox “ Church . The said priests has been asked by the court to appear before the Court on 30th January .

      SOCM News reporter - Coimbatore
    • Abraham
      Some are celebrating .Our believers were put in JAIL.If we had a better 24X7 legal support it won t had happened. But god will punish the sinners! This case in
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 16, 2012
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        Some are celebrating .Our believers were put in JAIL.If we had a better 24X7 legal support it won't had happened.

        But god will punish the sinners! This case in Coimbatore may be the answer to those who did backseat driving.January 30th will be the day.Hope our leadership is traking this case with full vigour and energy. When they get trapped,we will see the results.

        Filing 434 cases against our Bava Thirumeni and other 1000s of cases require atleast a good set of lawyers.Many say its Jacobite's 'Allergy' towards court cases and NOTHING ELSE,give the other side vantage points.Check this : When we employed good advocates for the current church cases,see who is winning.

        We need to strengthen the hands of our Beloved Bava Thirumeni and support our Metropolitans to lay out a happy time for the Next-Gen Jacobites.We should assign Youth/KEFA associations more responsabilites and enough representation in the Managing committe. Our Vicars/Trustees if given more caring attention to KEFA/Youth Association with all needed facilities,we will produce respectable leaders in Society.Not to forget - Many believe Oommen Chandi is groomed in Manorama's Balajana Sakhyam!

        'Getting connected' is what this believer thinks to be the need of the hour for Youth Associations.

        Dedicated '4 Wheel vehicles'for Church Youth associations will be a great GIFT towards their efforts.

        This provide them proud,easy reach and good connect.The needed Finance should come from individual Churches, for sure it won't be difficult because our KEFA/Youth wings ARE going to be the flagbearers of our FAITH and supporting them will cement the ANTIORCH FAITH - The very basic premise behind establishment of our numerous Churches.

        Such speeches will fly.But lets Pray for peace.

        Lets protect Sathya Sabhayude e Viswasam



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        > The brief history of the parish and the problems faced, in a nutshell are as follows.
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