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Attack on Kerala CM's Puthuppally Home

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  • Varugese C J
    Dear All, Shri Omman Chandy, Kerala s CM, who is determined to lead Kerala in fast track in its overall development, and a true democrat, who understand the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2011
      Dear All,

      Shri Omman Chandy, Kerala's CM, who is determined to lead Kerala in fast
      track in its overall development, and a true democrat, who understand the
      pulse of people. He is the man who recognizes the wishes of even people who
      oppose him. It is a cowardly act by some hooligans, who do not believe in

      The recent happenings in Kerala is not only to be condemned. Even inside the
      Kerala Assembly, Shri Omman Chandy is being draged into unnecessary
      controversies by the LDF, and the aftermath of that leads all Keralites to
      shame. The blatant lies the opposition hurling against this mass leader
      reach its maximum. There are few among his colleagues who are very much
      there to defend Shri Omman Chandy is the only consolation he can. I do not
      understand where these nasty political trick will lead all Keralites. The
      LDF is desparate in stalling the good work the Govt. under Shri Omman Chandy
      is undertaking. The projects that were implemented or under implementation
      during the first 100 days were all stalled or abandoned or postponed by the
      LDF for years, and this might have led the opposition into frustration.
      There is a chance that the some LDF cadres might have instigated those
      hooligans to act against Shri Ommen Chandy.

      I had a chance to view a YouTube video recently. It was an IOC Bishop
      addressing people on a street-corner near Pampady, as part of a protest
      against the Kolencherry issue. This Bishop is famous for his hate to the
      Mother Church. He (reader may pardon me in not calling this red-robbist as
      HG, because I feel and believe that he is not deemed to be addressed as
      such) do not have any control over his language in print as well as vocal.
      He likes to redicule the Holy Church, HH Patriarch, HB Catholicose, and
      other functionaries of the Holy Church. Even I feel a street-hawker will not
      call such a names, as this man used to call HB Catholicose. This time this
      red-robbist even not spared Shri Ommen Chandy. He did not forget to redicule
      Shri Ommen Chandy, by saying "what type of a CM he is, and if he do not act
      upon, it is better for the CM to go for begging". The crowd there was all
      hard-core IOC-ians, and they were just cheering on these commentaries. I
      feel pity over this red-robist, talking like a third-rate politician. The
      body-language and the tune of his speech was exactly like a goonda-turned
      politician. He even declared that not only him, but also more bishops from
      IOC hold the same opinion about Shri Ommen Chandy. May be, there is a
      chance, few of his cheering IOC-darlings might have attempted this type of
      attack on Shri Ommen Chandy's home at Puthuppally. I hope, the Kerala police
      will succeed in nabbing those culprits and bring them under law.

      It is needless to say that the frustration IOC hold against Shri Ommen
      Chandy is catching momentum. It seems, IOC is infected with a "Single-child
      like syndrome". They want whatever they like, they only can do whatever they
      need, others around them should also dance as they wish. If somebody acted
      against their wish, they brand them as bad people. It is a fact that during
      the last assembly elections, they have played a negative role against UDF in
      certain southern constituencies, and thereby the UDF could not muster a good
      majority. Even now they threaten Shri Ommen Chandy, that they can pull down
      UDF Govt. Some politicians like CM Stephen, John Jacob etc. helped the IOC
      directly. PC Alexandar like scores of bureaucrates helped them in the past.
      Now their wish of getting some unwarranted help from Shri Ommen Chandy is
      getting in vain. Once Kunjkunj also helped them in Aluwaye, which turned out
      to be too costly for him. Kunjkunj has become wiser and wiser, and he is not
      allowing the IOC to put him in their net.

      Even the IOC's ire is slowly turning against a media baron - the Manorama.
      Slowly and steadly a momentum is catching-up in IOC against Manorama. Even
      during late KM Mathew's time itself it happened. Everybody know that how
      Manorama is/was instrumental in keeping the divide among the Malankara
      Church faithfuls since early 19th century. A slight deviation from its
      earlier stand irritating the IOC in a big way. There was a day for Manorama
      earlier. Now there is no dearth of print and electronic media, and Manorama
      is well aware that they can't hide the truth, and slowly they realized their
      mistakes of the past, and IOC feel that Manorama is backtracking them from
      their earlier stand, and supporting the Jacobite Church. A militant bishop
      from Thrissur of IOC is leading this tirade against Manorama.

      It is an IOC conviction that "paalam kadakkuvolum narayana narayana, paalam
      kadannal koorayana, koorayana". They used the Mother Church and its prelate
      in all faith matters, once they established they are proving that they can
      stand alone, the Mother Church and its prelate become a "yoke" to them. They
      reason it as "freedom". What freedom the poor IOC-ians are enjoying is a
      question. Under IOC, owners of the Parishes are not the Parishoners, but
      their Metran. Each and every church is forced to make monthly "haftas" (in
      north India, goondas were collecting protection money, and it is known as

      The Bishop who uttered sporadic words, that can instigate the listeners to
      vandalism, was also instrumental in emphasizing that one member of the IOC
      was given 25 lakh rupees as their Catholicate day collection. It was none
      other than Muthoot, who is their lay trustee. It is a known fact that
      through a business like blade only Muthoot is multiplying money, cutting the
      throat of the poor. It is a known fact that crores of rupees worth FD put by
      the deceased Catolicose Mathews-II bawa were lost in some blade company.
      Likewise barring a few Bishops among the IOC Bishops might be helping
      Muthoot also to run his money multiplying machine. Where does all these
      money comes from? It is the money of poor faithfuls, who were instigated to
      hate the Mother Church, and lured by sugar coated words like "slavery,
      freedom etc", and also spread lies like "HH Patriarch is depended upon the
      money HH collect from Malankara" etc. and exploit them. It seems their
      priests and other office bearers are acting like collection agents of their
      Bishops. Ultimately who is exploiting the poor faithfuls, is it IOC or JSC?
      The money thus collected is getting pumped into blade businesses and another
      part goes towards filing of false cases against the known Jacobite Churches,
      where majority of the faithfuls are Jacobites. Another portion of the money
      collected used to buy bishops, priests and laymen from Jacobites. Because of
      this obligation these bishops and priests were put in forefront against the
      Jacobite Church. We have seen Muvatupuzha and Thrissur bishops were in lead
      in Kolencherry. It was not the matter of faith, but money only. Once they
      stop the payments of this monthly subsistence allowance running into lakhs
      to these two bishops, they will slowly hide their faces from the forefront.
      Hundreds of crores of rupees have been ruined like this way for the last 100
      or more years. Is this the mission of a Church? The so-called Church is
      built by dissidence, and lies, what else one can expect from these people.
      Standing against them with prayers is the only option left with us, and
      that's what our Bawa Thirumeni have shown to us and world over, not by
      fasting (in Malayalam it is called "Nirahara Sathyagraham") as was done by
      the other-side. Their calculations were all went wrong, and now allege
      Kunjkunj had ditched them. Their eyes and doors of their hearts are closed
      to the TRUTH and Holy Scriptural teachings, but only on Constitution-1934
      (their bible).

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