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According to St. Paul

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  • Varugese C J
    Dear All, What I read yesterday during my daily Holy Bible reading put me into heavy heart and misery over actions, not only actions but also current day
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2011
      Dear All,

      What I read yesterday during my daily Holy Bible reading put me into heavy heart and misery over actions, not only actions but also current day teachings of few among us. I do not hesitate to name them, they are the current day's IOC high priests, priests and laymen. What I read was the following verses from 1 Thessalonians : 12-13 "Now we ask you, brothers and sisters, to acknowledge those who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord and who admonish you. Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work.

      How ungrateful they all have become? If we do not acknowledge the contributions of few great fathers under the instructions from the Holy Throne of Antioch, who we all would have become. We might have under the Syro Malabar Church. The cruel and mighty Portugese might once succeeded in making our forefathers under their yoke, but a news about the sacrifice of life by a Saint ignited the fire in the Malankarites, and then onwards we never have lost that fire. Even after putting all our prayer books, history and writings of our forefathers were burnt or taken away, the purity of heart and memory of of forefathers succeeded in recognizing the faith, prayers and teachings of the Holy fathers who had come all the way from Syria and Jerusalem, and started practising the Holy Qurbana, with vigour and sincerity. We should remember here that about 3-4 century's ago what would have been the life-span of an average Indian. May be it might be of somewhere below 50 years. But we, Marthoma (Syrian) Christians were under the yoke of Portugese about 60 years. Six decades is not a small period. The printing was not common in this part of world, common man was deprived of a printed version of the Holy Bible or any other books of prayers, a very few privileged one might had it all. The short life-span and the scarcity of printed version of the Holy books might have erased the memories of majority of people, but they could succeed in recognizing their true sheperds, carrying with them the Holy books and other prayer books. As the current historians of IOC taught, the Antioch-Malankara connection was just started in the 17th Century, but It is not true. If their claim is true, what difference it will make to a faithful between the Roman Catholic prayers of Latin origin, and the Suriani prayers brought by the Holy Fathers of that time, who visited Malankara and spread it. One should remember that the Catholic church was getting the patronage of Portugese, but it didn't frighten the Malankara Syrians to go back to their original faith and prayers of their forefathers.

      Now the IOC is trying to teach heretic dogmas, and their tall claim of "they are the real Malankarites" and ridicule the faithfuls who are keeping the true faith upon their chest, may be precious than their life. Their mocking of these faithfuls as "New Church". In some early court cases we could not establish that they are heretics, and their teachings are not the one we in Malankara Church follow. They are still trying to enforce it with vigour, and priests and laity teach an entirely new history, that the common faithfuls in IOC could not realize. Their calculated move this time misfired. Kerala's CM Shri Ommen Chandy, they thought like late CM Stephen and John Jacob Elanjican, will help them in snatching away the Church from the faithfuls, just by showing a lower court's mis-judgement. If we glance through the biography of late Elanjical Vakil, father of John Jacob, we can be able to know that how the Seminary Case judgement was reversed with manipulation in late 1920s. It is a well known fact that the current days Malankara Catholics (Reeth) was an off-shoot of the initial failure of the Seminary case. Elenjickal Vakil and his assistant one Uthup played a vital role in reversing the Seminary Case. Still they play such games, withdrawing cases if they could not find a Judge, who will not support them. Denying the legitimate rights to people who propose to find a solution to the current unrest in a democratic way, because they know that the court judgement they got is not based on truth, but all in technical reasonings. They succeed in convincing the court based on pure technicalities, where there is no truth at all. Why they fear to settle the current unrest in Kolencherry is showing their dual face. They are well aware that they will not be able to show their face if they agree to a democratic solution. Instead they claim they stand for the sanctity of Judicial activism.

      They redicule our Bawa Thirumeni for his Prarthana Yanjam, not only now, since 1970s. But after 4 decades when their own Bawa went for a hunger strike, it became a great event. How hypocratic the IOC is? Two different stand on same issue - only IOC can do it. They blame our HB for the unrest, but completely erased the realities that ignited the split in the Malankara Church in early 20th Century. They bought people with money and use them against the Holy Church. Where can such people wash their sins? Shall we accept such hypocracy of IOC is the real question we Jacobite should ask ourselves??

      We have to remember that "it is easy to defend the truth". Let us all stand firm on defending the truth, and pray for strenth to the Almighty.

      CJ Varughese
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